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SQL Query Builder for .NET

Visual Query Designer for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET

Visual user intreface for SQL query building is currently available for WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET environments. Non-visual SQL Query parsing, analysis and generation engine ("Active Query Builder Core for .NET") is suitable for any .NET environment, including Mono.

  • Active Query Builder Core for .NET
    A full-featured API to parse, analyse, modify or create SQL queries from scratch. Compatible with any .NET environment (.NET Framework 4.0 and higher), including Mono.
  • Active Query Builder for .NET - WinForms Edition « click for more details
    A set of visual components for Windows Forms environment to create customizable feature-rich end-user interface to build with SQL queries visually.
  • Active Query Builder for .NET - WPF Edition « click for more details
    A set of visual controls for WPF environment for building robust and easy-to-understand user interface to work with SQL queries visually.
  • Active Query Builder for .NET - ASP.NET Edition « click for more details
    A component for ASP.NET environment (Classic and MVC 2-5) to let end-users build SQL queries visually online. Compatible with the vast majority of Internet browsers used today.

Army swiss-knife for data-aware applications

Active Query Builder is not just a component to build SQL queries visually. It's is a full-featured set of tools to manage metadata, work with SQL queries, and assist in retrieval of data from the database.

Active Query Builder lets create full-featured applications quickly to retrieve data from almost any database. It provides highly customizable and convenient interface for end-users to understand database schema and to work with queries in the most efficient way.

  • Simple and clear visual SQL query building interface
    • Easy building of complex SQL queries with unions and sub-queries.
    • MS-Access style user-friendly interface with drag & drop support.
    • Two-way SQL query building (combined with SQL text editing).
    • Customizable SQL query text formatting.

  • Customizable query building environment
    • Complete substitution of unintelligible object and field names for user-friendly aliases.
    • Representing high-usage expressions and sub-queries as ordinary database objects and fields.
    • Rearranging database objects by subject areas or by any other characteristics.

  • Easy metadata management
    • Selective hiding of unwanted objects, automatic filtration by schema or object name.
    • Loading metadata programmaticaly from different sources (via web services or from datasets).
    • Working disconnected from the database, storing metadata in XML files.

  • Powerful API to analyze and modify SQL queries
    • Restricting access to unwanted objects, preventing SQL query execution.
    • Quick access to comprehansive information about the query: database objects and fields, query columns and parameters.
    • Easy changing of SQL queries to transfigure result data according to the end-user requests.
    • Full access to internal query representation obejcts for SQL query analysis and modification.


Join Types

Automatic Joins Creation
Active Query Builder automatically determines relationships between tables and creates appropriate joins for them.

Different Join Types
Active Query Builder allows to define different join types and various server-specific query options visually.

Unions and Sub-queries

Unions and Sub-Queries
Unions, sub queries and derived tables can be accessed and built visually in Active Query Builder as easy as the main query.

Grouping, Sorting and Criteria
Active Query Builder allows to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way.

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