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Active Query Builder Java Edition

Swing-based Java bean Visual SQL Query Builder

Active Query Builder Java Edition is a visual SQL query builder component suite that allows your end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive visual interface.

The component has powerful API to analyze, parse and modify SQL queries. Active Query Builder Java Edition is a true two-way query builder, so that you can combine visual query building with direct SQL query text editing.

Have a look at the Demo Java applet built with Active Query Builder Java Edition.

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Active Query Builder Java Edition requirements

  • Built using standard Swing controls.
  • Compatible with JRE 6, 7.
  • Can be used in Java applets.
  • Supports all modern Java development environments. Successfully tested with NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

Main Features of Active Query Builder Java Edition

  • Simple and clear visual SQL query building interface
    • Easy building of complex SQL queries with unions and sub-queries.
    • MS-Access style user-friendly interface with drag & drop support.
    • Two-way SQL query building (combined with SQL text editing).
    • Customizable SQL query text formatting.

  • Customizable query building environment
    • Complete substitution of unintelligible object and field names for user-friendly aliases.
    • Representing high-usage expressions and sub-queries as ordinary database objects and fields.

  • Easy metadata management
    • Selective hiding of unwanted objects, automatic filtration by schema or object name.
    • Loading metadata programmaticaly from different sources (via web services or from datasets).
    • Working disconnected from the database, storing metadata in XML files.

  • Powerful API to analyze and modify SQL queries
    • Restricting access to unwanted objects, preventing SQL query execution.
    • Quick access to comprehansive information about the query: database objects and fields, query columns and parameters.
    • Full access to internal query representation obejcts for SQL query analysis and modification.

  • Full feature list of Active Query Builder Java Edition.
  • Active Query Builder Java Edition - Applet Demo.

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