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Is it worth adding an SQL query building module to your software?

Add SQL query building module

Add value to your software, get a competitive advantage

A system is worthwhile for business only if it helps make business decisions, so looking at the data from different angles is crucial for business decision makers.

Allowing end-users to instantly get the data they need adds value to your software, reduces end user churn, and provides a competitive advantage.

Decrease development costs

Decrease development costs, ship software on time

It takes up to several workdays to add a new report to an IT system. Adding and maintaining dozens of reports overloads your developers, and is one of the reasons why you can't ship new versions on time.

With Active Query Builder, users take control and responsibility for creating and maintaining their reports. Users can reconfigure reports whenever they need to with zero intervention from your side.

Easy integration

Easy integration with any reporting system

If you're already using a reporting system in your app, Active Query Builder will add value to it by allowing you to create new data sources for reports.

AQB is easily integrated into most third-party solutions such as FastReport, StimulSoft, GrapeCity ActiveReports, TMS FlexCel, etc.

Fixed integration time

Fixed integration time is guaranteed

It usually takes no longer than 2-5 days to integrate the AQB component into your IT system. Active Query Builder is delivered with a set of ready-to-run demo projects, which can serve as a proof of concept.

Thanks to the professional maintenance provided by the AQB technical support team, you'll never get stuck. This has been proven by thousands of successful integrations around the world.

Save time and increase the value of your software with the AQB component integrated into your system.

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Developers can fine-tune the AQB component to help users get data and prevent losses: AQB for Developers.
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Users can easily understand how to get data in the blink of an eye: AQB for End Users.