Online SQL query analyzer

Free web-based service for SQL query structure analysis.
Get insights about your SQL query statement in a single click!
Active Query Builder can parse an arbitrary SELECT statement and build its structure in a tree-like form.
  • Shows list of output columns;
  • Lists used database objects and fields;
  • Shows sub-queries of any types and highlights correlations between sub-queries;
  • Shows the content of every SQL expression, details their structure to tokens.

Based on Active Query Builder SQL parser.

Having purchased Active Query Builder, you can load a snapshot of your database schema and get:
  • Binding of objects and fields used in the query to database schema objects and fields;
  • Listing of orphan objects and fields.

Select a database server to analyze your query according to its SQL dialect.


Works with SQL queries for various database servers and standards

Active Query Builder: bridge the gap between your end-users and data

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