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Business users demand fresh analytical data from IT systems

Embedded reports can't cover urgent data needs, so end-users ask for assistance from the developers.
How not to be snowed under with user requests for data but let them serve themselves?
Most users don't have enough experience in writing SQL queries.
Can we grant users the right to query data without the risk of shooting themselves in the leg?
Even if they know SQL a bit, they don't know the database schema.
How to bridge the gap of SQL knowledge and give users the idea of the database schema?
Can a visual query builder be a solution for this challenge? Yes!
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Users are happy

Easy tool for every user to get data on their own

The Active Query Builder component is an out-of-the-box solution for software developers to help end users cope with SQL query building at their own discretion.
  • Novice users can build their first queries by point-and-click. Active Query Builder lets them avoid common pitfalls.
  • Experienced SQL query writers can handle complex queries and combine visual query building with direct SQL editing.
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Disasters are ruled out!

End-user activity is taken under control

  • Only valid SELECT queries that don't modify data are generated by the component.
    By passing a query through the component, making it impossible to employ an SQL injection attack.
  • Only the right data is returned to the user.
    • Verify user queries to identify unknown or unwanted objects and fields
    • Analyze and modify queries as you need
    • Seamlessly set up row-level security for end users
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Easy to integrate

You will help users effortlessly

Quickly build an efficient environment for users

  • Present your database schema the way you want. Group database objects in a tree, hide unwanted objects, change obscure object names to user-friendly ones, even in the query text.
  • Build an efficient space to browse query results with paging, filtering, and sorting by means of SQL, and edit and export data if needed.
  • Employ query parameters to make queries reusable. Detect parameters in the query, get information about their type and usage, and even cut off conditions with unneeded parameters.
  • Let users build a repository of handy query snippets like database views to simplify the queries.
  • Beautify SQL queries with customizable SQL text formatting.

Leverage additional ready-to-use facilities to speed up development:

  • Property Forms to set up database connections to different servers
  • Methods to save and restore user query repositories
  • Handy editors to configure database schema by admins
  • Forms to customize the component properties in run-time
  • And even more…