Active Query Builder

SQL Query Builder component

Visual Query Designer, SQL parser and data retrieval assistant

Visual component for WinForms .NET, WPF, ASP.NET, Delphi/C++Builder and Java

Active Query Builder is an SQL Query Builder component to design complex SQL queries via the intuitive drag'n'drop interface. It lets parse, analyze and modify complex SQL queries. Active Query Builder is a true two-way SQL query builder: the end-user can combine visual query building with direct SQL query text editing.

Active Query Builder is an ultimate helper for your work with SQL queries!

With users expecting better and better interfaces to deal with complex data retrieval, Active Query Builder has allowed me to provide a highly professional, robust environment to both novice users and skilled query writers.

Thanks to all the team involved.”

Duncan Deacon

Key advantages of Active Query Builder

  • Simple and clear visual SQL query building interface

    Active Query Builder renders all SQL features, such as table joining, data grouping, sorting and filtration easy to accomplish and allows to build complex SQL with sub-queries and unions. The interface of Active Query Builder is familiar to most database users. Visual query builder lets adding tables and fields to the query by drag & drop. Active Query Builder lets design sub-queries on separate tabs, edit their texts independently from main query and preview the sub-query results.

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  • Reverse engeneering of even most complex SQL queries

    Active Query Builder can parse an SQL query of any complexity and build its diagram to represent a query visually. The visual presentation of ready queries lets users explore them understand their structure and selectively edit the needed expressions or subqueries without touching the rest of the query text.

  • Customizable query building environment, Clear view of database schema

    Active Query Builder lets change everything in the presentation of database schema for end-users. You can replace unclear object names with descriptive aliases, remove unwanted objects and add virtual objects and fields, group objects in the tree the way you need, etc. With Active Query Builder you can give obvious view of any database schema for your end-users.

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  • Two-way SQL Query Builder combined with SQL Text Editor

    Active Query Builder is a true two-way query builder, the end-user can combine visual query building with direct SQL query text editing. SQL text editor with code completion and syntax highlighting lets make SQL text editing convenient for professional query writers. SQL text formatting lets beautify SQL query text to ease it's understanding.

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  • Essential data browsing assistant, Easy-to-use SQL Filter Builder

    Queries often need to be changed when browsing the result data, so sorting, filtration, totals calculation and pagination must be easy for end-user and programmer. Active Query Builder provides the tree-like SQL filter builder lets quickly find the needed data. The special query transformation API is available to meet these needs. Changes made to the query during the end-user work session can be saved and restored afterwards.

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  • Flexible metadata management, Fast database schema retrieval

    Active Query Builder can load database schema from various DB connections, use different data access components and load metadata from custom sources, such as .NET datasets. You can filter unwanted objects by defining own metadata loading rules, remove them programmatically one by one. You can fill database schema information programmatically in case of working with custom data sources or web services. Once loaded, metadata can be saved to XML and then loaded without establishing live database connection for each work session.

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  • Powerful API to analyze and modify SQL queries

    Active Query Builder API gives you full control over SQL queries. You can parse SQL queries for different database servers, get information about used database objects and fields, perform deep SQL query analysis at the object model level and at the level of SQL token syntax tree, programmatically change SQL queries and create queries from scratch. This lets you deny execution of unwanted queries or seamlessly add the necessary conditions to prevent unauthorized access to data.

    Active Query Builder gives the list of parameters used in the query, letting you know to which fields and objects they are applied to.

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  • Full support of numerous SQL dialects and ANSI SQL standards

    Active Query Builder's SQL Parser supports SQL syntax dialects of Oracle, MS SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS Access, InterBase, Firebird, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Advantage DB, Netezza, Teradata. It correctly handles fine points of each supported SQL dialect. Building parsed queries visually Active Query Builder keeps every single query clause during the query building process with no losses.

    Being compatible with ANSI SQL/92, SQL/89 and SQL/2003 standards, Active Query Builder works fine with many other ANSI SQL-compatible database servers, such as Vista DB, Nexus, Elevate DB, Redshift, Vertica, Progress, Pervasive, Amazon Aurora, and so on.

  • Integration with your application by adding a few lines of code

    The component can be integrated into your application with a few lines of code. The Knowledge Base, documentation and numerous demo projects allows for mastering the component for a few days.

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Active Query Builder is available in the following editions:
Active Query Builder for WinForms
   » Windows Forms .NET 4.0+ component
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Active Query Builder for WPF
   » WPF .NET 4.0+ component
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Active Query Builder for ASP.NET
   » ASP.NET MVC (Razor, ASPX) component
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Active Query Builder for Java
   » Swing-based Java bean component
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Active Query Builder for Delphi
   » Delphi and C++ Builder component
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