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Business users are in need of fresh analytical data

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As an analyst you need to generate reports just in time, not wasting much time for this. Ideally, have a set of already prepared reports to get what you need in one click.

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Business managers

As a business manager you need to get insights from ad-hoc reports, which you can't get from analysts fast enough. You need instant to daya to look at it from different angles.

With a lack of ad-hoc reports and busy analysts, instant access to data is a top priority.

Active Query Builder

A shortcut to your data

With AQB component as a part of your system:

You can safely build queries by yourself without the need to jump out of your cozy business app!


Don't waste time debugging SQL queries. Deliver the needed information just in time. Understand and adjust your queries and get instant results.

Business managers

With friendly names and only the right objects in sight, easily discover the data you need. Don't hold out for answers from analysts. Get insights right when you need them.

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What is your level in SQL?

No matter where you are, there's a room to improve your skills.

From making the first step...

Developed with end-users in mind, Active Query Builder won't let you stubmle with invalid queries. Inadmissible combinations simply can’t be created. SQL queries are effortlessly created in a correct way.

AQB helps you providing with clues, when the query is built syntactically correct, but the server will surely return an error due to the lack of coherence of one part of the query against the other.

AQB is a tool helping you to upgrade their SQL knowledge level, you can safely experiment with queries and learn by obtaining instant feedback to your actions. mastering SQL!

You aren't tied to drag'n'drop! Switch between SQL text editing and visual SQL query building at any time.

You can switch from a visual query building mode to text editing any time, and vice versa, after finishing with text editing to switch to a visual query builder. If you master SQL, AQB doesn’t hinder your creativity.

Navigate through SQL queries of any complexity and manage them by parts.

If your queries are as long as a chapter of a novel, AQB help quicky get their structure. AQB visualizes the subquery structure with handy navigation panel. Then, you can work with each subquery apart from other parts, learn and modify it. If you come across a query written by the other user, AQB is here to help understand its schema.

Re-use SQL queries with parameters and macros, use one query inside another, build a repository of handy query snippets.

A great number of ad-hoc reports can be created and then activated when needed just by changing the parameters. You can create a query repository, for example, "Active customers" or "Completed orders" and utilize them for building other queries.

Get a high-performance environment to work with SQL queries and result data.

With Active Query Builder, a developer can build an ad-hoc querying a dream by automate all the routing tasks, including data browsing, running queries on schedule, sending the results by email and so on. Try yourself with the Online Proof-of-Concept application.

Can't make a decision on your own?

Check and send a webpage to your developers: AQB for Developers
Check and send a webpage to your manager: AQB for Executives
SQL Query tool for End-users

End-user SQL Query Tool

Don't have Active Query Builder in your app but need to get data out of your DB right now?

Use the right tool with a handy visual query builder to connect, build SQL queries visually and export data right now.

Download FlySpeed SQL Query!