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Active Database Software is a privately owned software development company. Established in 2005, Active Database Software offers solutions for professional database developers. Our first product is Active Query Builder, a VCL component for visual building of complex SQL queries. ActiveX version, based on Delphi VCL code, was introduced later in 2005. Native .NET 2.0 Edition written in C# was released in early 2007.

Our software

Our goal is to ease the retrieval of data for database users by providing means to work with SQL queries easily. Our graphical tools let represent database schema easy-to-understand and allow building ad-hoc SQL queries visually, as well as by creating programming APIs which let parse, analyze and modify SQL queries. We strive to make user's way from querying to data as short as possible because we understand that the only purpose of our tools is to help users to get data.

Custom development

Over the years of developing software products for database users and developers, our company has gained vast experience in working with metadata and SQL queries: analysis, pre-processing, visual design. We are ready to assist the customers in creating a robust environment to deal with SQL queries, give end-users a clear view of a database schema, so they can get data they need fast and hassle-free.

Whether it's a desktop application or a web service, our experts will do their best to cope with customer's tasks in the best possible way.

Contact us

Active Database Software LLC is headquateded in Chelyabinsk, Russia.
Postal address: Russian Federation, 454001 Chelyabinsk, 5-196, 250-letiya Chelyabinska str.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about our company, products or services, please, do not hesitate to contact us. You inspire us to do our work better and better.




Join Types

Automatic Joins Creation
Active Query Builder automatically determines relationships between tables and creates appropriate joins for them.

Different Join Types
Active Query Builder allows to define different join types and various server-specific query options visually.

Unions and Sub-queries

Unions and Sub-Queries
Unions, sub queries and derived tables can be accessed and built visually in Active Query Builder as easy as the main query.

Grouping, Sorting and Criteria
Active Query Builder allows to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way.

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