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Metadata Handling and Filtration

Various ways to load and represent metadata in Active Query Builder

  • Metadata pre-filtration

    Active Query Builder allows for partial metadata loading, if it's not necessary to load it all at once to build a query. Database object can be filtered by database, schema or object name mask, as well as by object type (table, view, synonym, procedure and function). This can also speed up the metadata loading process in case of large database schema.

    If a database server lets using objects from different databases in a single query, Active Query Builder can be instructed to load metadata from several databases at once.

  • Load metadata programmatically

    Active Query Builder retrieves metadata from all popular data access components and data providers automatically. However, it is not always possible to get direct access to the database, for example in multi-tier or web environment. In such cases metadata can be filled programmatically by retrieving it from custom web service or internal metadata storage (DataAdapter or DataSet). Code samples illustrating various ways of metadata loading can be found in the Load Metadata demo project included in the installation package.

  • Working disconnected from the database, storing metadata in XML files.

    In many cases, direct connection to the database is undesirable or even impossible for reasons of security or performance, for example in a multi-tier environment. In this case, the most convenient solution would be to work with Active Query Builder in Offline Mode, loading metadata from a previously saved XML file.

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