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SQL modification for easy data browsing

Change grouping, sorting, apply filters and pagination to the query

  • Changing the view of result SQL query data

    It's matter-of-course for any data browsing facility to have ability to change sorting, apply additional filters and pagination to the query result data, calculate totals. Doing this job on the client for large datasets can lead to high memory consumption and long delays. Doing the same by means of programmatic SQL query modification is preferable, but complexity of SQL queries and limitations of specific database servers makes this a nontrivial task.

    Fortunately Active Query Builder provides the special API to perform such query changes easier than ever. All you need is to instruct the component to make necessary changes and get the resultant SQL query! Applying changes to the ORDER BY, GROUP BY, WHERE and SELECT parts of the query will be made correctly regardless of complexity of the given query. Changes made to the query can be saved and restored afterwards.

    You can learn more about the QueryTransformer API in this article: How to change sorting, add filters, limits and apply aggregations to the query.

  • Visual SQL filter builder

    Active Query Builder includes the SQL Filter Builder - a handy control to define filters for result query data visually in a tree-like form. SQL Filter Builder represents the SQL WHERE clause in natural language form making it easy to read and modify. It gets list of query output columns and their data types from the given query to allow for easy editing of filter values.

    SQL Filter Builder gets connected to the QueryTransformer object and provides two-way synchronization. If you add some filters programmatically, they'll appear in the visual control, so you can define custom ways of adding filters to improve the user experience.

    SQL filter builder

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