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Our plans for the next major version

Our primary goal is to give the user an opportunity to think about the data he needs to get with the query.

Dozens of lesser improvements from one minor version to another make the general direction of the component development unclear. On the other side, migrating to new major version requires making changes to the project source code and forms. This burden makes movement to new major versions slow. That's why many users still use old versions of Active Query Builder. In our blog, we tried to summarize the changes that were made in the component compared to the previous major version.

We understand the weaknesses of our product, and we want to make it better, just like thirteen years ago, when we started work on Active Query Builder.

Our primary goal is not just to replace the text editor with a graphical interface (although it deserves our close attention) but to give the user an opportunity to think about the data he needs to get with the query, not about the nuances of the SQL language.

So, we have huge plans for the current year.

  • First, we want to get rid of the current Query Columns Grid and replace it with the new control which will combine the tree-like criteria builder, the query results data grid and the sub-query result preview.
  • Next, we will let undo any change made by the end-user in the user interface.
  • Also, we are preparing some API and core improvements which will simplify the design of SQL queries for developers.

Stay with us for this year, and you'll be able to surprise your end-users and let them be more productive than before!