At the end of last year, we asked you to tell us about the benefits Active Query Builder gives you. Among the obvious advantages that a visual builder must provide, we found one important, which has not been paid attention to until now.

One of the important advantages is the standardization of user queries. You wrote that Active Query Builder let users be more competent to write better, standardized queries, and that sounds promising. We've realized that in this aspect we can give much more than Active Query Builder can do now, and moved in this direction.

So, in the new version of Active Query Builder for WinForms and WPF we implemented the Query Inconsistency Alerts feature.

This is the system to notify users about logical errors admitted in the query. In the current version, this system works in a test mode, notifying only one problem: same-named columns in a subquery. However, I am sure you can name a lot of other situations that lead to errors, performance drops, or getting a result different from what the user expects. We will be grateful if you tell us about such situations you face in your work. We will examine each and give users advice how to avoid them. This will reduce the number of requests to your support.