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Active Query Builder main namespace. This namespace contains the QueryBuilder component that can be used as visual control for building SQL queries as well as non-visual component for parsing and programmatic modification of SQL queries. Also it contains the PlainTextSQLBuilder component that is used to format the output SQL query text generated by the QueryBuilder component, and necessary components intended to provide database connectivity and define SQL parsing and generation rules for different database servers.
ClassAddObjectFormOptions Determines appearance of the Add Object Form.
ClassAstExtender Abstract Syntax Tree node that extends the SQL syntax of the owner node with database server specific elements.
ClassAstNode Abstract Syntax Tree node that can be extended with database server specific elements.
ClassAstNodeBase Base class for any Abstract Syntax Tree node.
ClassAstToken Abstract Syntax Tree node representing a single piece of text in the query.
ClassAstTokenIdentifier Abstract Syntax Tree node representing an identifier.
ClassAutoSyntaxProvider This syntax provider will try to detect database server automatically and will act as specific syntax provider for the detected database server.
ClassBaseMetadataProvider Base class for all Metadata Provider components.
ClassBaseSQLBuilder Base class for the PlainTextSQLBuilder and other SQL generation classes that might be implemented in the future.
ClassBaseSQLContext Defines context for the query building, parsing and SQL generation purposes.
ClassBaseSyntaxProvider Base class for all syntax providers.
ClassBehaviorOptions Allows you to tune the way Active Query Builder parses and builds SQL queries.
ClassDatabaseSchemaTreeOptions Contains various options of the Database Schema Tree.
ClassDataSourceOptions Determines appearance of the objects within the Design Pane.
ClassDB2SyntaxProvider Syntax provider for IBM DB2 database.
ClassDesignPaneOptions Contains various properties of Design Pane.
ClassFieldListBaseColumnOptions Base class for all columns in the datasource field list.
ClassFieldListDescriptionColumnOptions Defines various options of the Description column in the field list.
ClassFieldListMarkColumnOptions Defines various options of the Mark column in the field list.
ClassFieldListNameColumnOptions Defines various options of the Name column in the field list.
ClassFieldListTypeColumnOptions Defines various options of the Type column in the field list.
ClassFirebirdSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for Firebird databases.
ClassGenericSyntaxProvider This provider can be used with any database server. It implements most of the ANSI SQL/92 syntax standard definitions, but lacks most of server-specific SQL syntax extensions.
ClassInformixSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for Informix database server.
ClassLocalizer Localizer is a static object that holds localization resources.
ClassMetadataAggregate Class to represent custom aggregate functions in the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataContainer Stores the necessary metadata from database.
ClassMetadataField Class to represent fields of database objects in the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataFilter Defines a set of rules to filter metadata.
ClassMetadataFilterItem Defines single metadata filtration rule.
ClassMetadataForeignKey Class to represent foreign key relationships in the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataItem Base class for all items of the Metadata Container. Represens a node in the Metadata Container tree.
ClassMetadataList List of metadata items.
ClassMetadataLoadingOptions Determines rules of loading metadata to the component's Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataNameList List of field names for fields of a foreign key
ClassMetadataNamesFetcher Helper object to get list of available namespaces in the database.
ClassMetadataNamespace Class to represent namespace items in the Metadata Container: Server, Package, Database, Schema.
ClassMetadataObject Class to represent database objects in the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataParameter Class to represent parameters of stored procedures and functions in the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataSelection<T> Selection of metadata items of specified types from the metadata list.
ClassMetadataSimpleFilter Determines sets of masks for database object and schema names to be included to or excluded from loading to the Metadata Container.
ClassMetadataStructure Complex object that determines the tree-like structure to group metadata objects within the Database Schema Tree. Root object of the structure.
ClassMetadataStructureItem Represents a node in the metadata structure.
ClassMetadataStructureOptions Contains various options that affect on displaying of the Metadata Structure.
ClassMSAccessSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for MS Jet-compatible databases: MS Access, MS Excel, MS Project as well as DBF, CSV and text files.
ClassMSSQLAzureSyntaxProvider The Syntax Provider for the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition dialect.
ClassMSSQLCESyntaxProvider Syntax provider for Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition.
ClassMSSQLSyntaxProvider Syntax Provider for Microsoft SQL Server.
ClassMySQLSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for MySQL.
ClassOracleSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for Oracle Database.
ClassPanesConfigurationOptions Allows you to configure layout of the main parts of the component: Design Pane, Query Columns Pane, Database Schema Tree and Query Structure Tree.
ClassParameter Describes single parameter that was found in the query.
ClassParameterList Lists parameters that were found in the query.
ClassPlainTextSQLBuilder Intended for SQL query text generation in Plain Text format.
ClassPostgreSQLSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for PostgreSQL.
ClassQueryBuilder QueryBuilder is the component to build SQL queries visually, to parse, analyze and modify SQL queries programmatically.
ClassQueryColumnListOptions Contains various properties of the Query Column List.
ClassQueryStatistics Allows to retrieve various information about the query: list of used database objects and their fields, list of output query columns.
ClassQueryStructureTreeOptions Contains various properties of the Query Structure Tree.
ClassServerDescriptor Object that determines general features of a database server and it's SQL syntax.
ClassSQL2003SyntaxProvider Syntax provider for ANSI SQL/2003 standard.
ClassSQL89SyntaxProvider Syntax provider for ANSI SQL/89 standard.
ClassSQL92SyntaxProvider Syntax provider for ANSI SQL/92 standard.
ClassSQLBuilderConditionFormat Defines SQL text formatting options of WHERE and HAVING parts of the query.
ClassSQLBuilderFromClauseFormat Defines SQL text formatting options of FROM part of the query.
ClassSQLBuilderItemListFormat Defines SQL text formatting options of item lists in the query, i.e. SELECT, ORDER BY and GROUP BY parts of the query.
ClassSQLBuilderSelectFormat Defines SQL text formatting options of a single SELECT statement.
ClassSQLGenerationOptions Determine SQL query text generation rules and display of SQL objects and expressions in the Query Builder.
ClassSQLiteSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for SQLite.
ClassSQLQualifiedName Class for representation of the SQL qualified name (can be name of database object or field in a query, etc.).
ClassSQLQualifiedNameList List of SQL qualified names.
ClassStatisticsDatabaseObject Describes a database object being used in the query.
ClassStatisticsDatabaseObjectList Lists database objects used in the query (QueryStatistics.UsedDatabaseObjects).
ClassStatisticsField Describes a database object field being used in the query.
ClassStatisticsFieldList Lists database object fields used in the query (QueryStatistics.UsedDatabaseObjectFields).
ClassStatisticsOutputColumn Describes a column in result set of the query.
ClassStatisticsOutputColumnList Lists output (result set) columns of the query (QueryStatistics.OutputColumns).
ClassSybaseSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for Sybase ASA/ASE.
ClassTeradataSyntaxProvider The Syntax Provider for the Teradata SQL dialect.
ClassUserMessageEventArgs Class to define parameters passed to the QueryBuilder.UserMessage event.
ClassVistaDBSyntaxProvider Syntax provider for VistaDB embedded database engine.
ClassVisualOptions Contains visual options that are not related to any pane.
DelegateServerDescriptor.LoadMetadataDelegate Delegate to load metdata items.
EnumerationAffectedColumns Defines set of the Query Columns List columns to determine their behavior.
EnumerationCollapseExpandButtonLocation Defines various options for location of the Collapse/Expand button.
EnumerationDB2NamingConventions Determines possible database object naming conventions for DB2 databases.

Determines possible values for visibility of the Design Pane Overview.

EnumerationFieldListSortType Defines various types of datasource's field list sorting.
EnumerationFieldTypeCase Defines various types of case conversions.
EnumerationFirebirdVersion Firebird server versions enumeration.
EnumerationGenericSyntaxIdentifierQuotes Enumerates possible identifier quotation marks to be used by the Generic Syntax Provider.
EnumerationGenericSyntaxServerType Enumerates possible database server types to be used by the Generic Syntax Provider.
EnumerationIdentCaseSensitivity Determines various types of database server case sensitivity options.
EnumerationIdentQuotation Defines various options for quotation of identifiers by the SQL Builder.
EnumerationInformixVersion Informix Database Server versions enumeration.
EnumerationKeywordFormat Defines various options for keyword formatting in the generated SQL query text.
EnumerationLinkManipulations Defines list of permissible end-user manipulations with links during the query building process.
EnumerationMetadataEditorOptions Defines set of user interface options for the Metadata Editor.
EnumerationMetadataForeignKeyCardinality Determines possible cardinality values for one side of relationship of the foreign key.
EnumerationMetadataType Type of MetadataItem object
EnumerationMSAccessServerVersion MS Jet versions enumeration
EnumerationMSSQLServerVersion Microsoft SQL Server versions enumeration.
EnumerationObjectPrefixSkipping Defines various options for skipping the unnecessary database object prefixes in the generated SQL query text.
EnumerationObjectsSortingType Defines various types of sorting database objects within the Database Schema Tree.
EnumerationOracleServerVersion Oracle Database server versions enumeration.
EnumerationQueryPart Determines the corresponding part of the query.
EnumerationSkipKeywordMode Defines various options for the component behavior in case of possibility of inserting an optional keyword.
EnumerationSQLBuilderConditionFormatNL Defines line breaking rules in conditions of the query.
EnumerationSybaseServerVersion Sybase Server types enumeration.
EnumerationUserMessageId Lists possible situations that require to warn the user.
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