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MetadataContainer Class

Stores the necessary metadata from database.
Object Model
MetadataContainer ClassMetadataLoadingOptions Class
Public Class MetadataContainer 
   Inherits MetadataItem
Dim instance As MetadataContainer
public class MetadataContainer : MetadataItem 
public __gc class MetadataContainer : public MetadataItem 
Metadata Container was reorganized from the plain list of objects to the hierarchical structure. There are three types of elements of this structure: namespaces, objects and sub-object items. Namespaces reflect object grouping in the database server. They can represent linked servers, databases, schemas and packages. Objects can be tables, views, synonyms, stored procedures or functions (only those procedures and functions that return dataset and can be used as data sources in the SELECT queries). The component deals with three types of sub-object items: fields, parameters and foreign keys, as these types of items are needed by the component to build queries and to represent them visually.
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