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MetadataFilterItem Class

Defines single metadata filtration rule.
Public Class MetadataFilterItem 
   Inherits AggregatedBatchUpdatableBase
Dim instance As MetadataFilterItem
public class MetadataFilterItem : AggregatedBatchUpdatableBase 
public __gc class MetadataFilterItem : public AggregatedBatchUpdatableBase 

Metadata filter item is a set of masks and flags that determines single filtration rule. Each rule can instruct to include or exclude metadata items that match the masks. Use the Exclude property to specify if this rule defines objects for exclusion or inclusion.

Masks act similar to the "LIKE" SQL operator. Use the percent sign (%) to represent any sequence of characters; use the underscore sign (_) to represent any single character. If you want to define a set of masks for specific property (schema or object name), you have to add multiple filter items.

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