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MetadataFilter Class

Defines a set of rules to filter metadata.
Public Class MetadataFilter 
   Inherits ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.UpdatableObjectList(Of MetadataFilterItem)
Dim instance As MetadataFilter
public class MetadataFilter : ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.UpdatableObjectList<MetadataFilterItem> 
public __gc class MetadataFilter : public ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.UpdatableObjectList<MetadataFilterItem> 

Each rule defined in the list is represented by MetadataFilterItem object. Metadata filter may have multiple exclusion and inclusion items (rules). If metadata filter has no inclusion items, the exculsion items will be applied to the whole database schema. If metadata filter has some inclusion items, they will constitute a subset of database schema, to which the exclusion items will be applied.

You may treat those rules as SQL conditions combined with OR operators in WHERE clause of the SELECT statement that retrieves the list of objects to be loaded to the Metadata Container. Conditions marked with the MetadataFilterItem.Exclude flag are prefixed with NOT operator. The result SQL condition will look like the following: "([inculsion rule] OR [inclusion rule] OR ...) AND NOT ([exculsion rule] OR [exclusion rule] OR ...)"

Alternate way to define metadata filtration rules is to use the MetadataLoadingOptions.ExcludeFilter and MetadataLoadingOptions.IncludeFilter. You may use both types of filters at a time: the conditions set using MetadataSimpleFilter will be converted to a set of MetadataFilterItems which will be added to the MetadataFilter.

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