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MetadataLoadingOptions Class

Determines rules of loading metadata to the component's Metadata Container.
Object Model
MetadataLoadingOptions ClassMetadataSimpleFilter ClassMetadataSimpleFilter ClassMetadataFilter Class
Public Class MetadataLoadingOptions 
   Inherits UpdatablePersistent
Dim instance As MetadataLoadingOptions
public class MetadataLoadingOptions : UpdatablePersistent 
public __gc class MetadataLoadingOptions : public UpdatablePersistent 

Definition of these rules results in limitation of the list of database objects displayed in the tree. It may also help to reduce metadata loading time for some database servers (eg. Oracle).

Formerly named as MetadataFilter, the new option set introduces a simpler way to define metadata loading rules using ExcludeFilter and IncludeFilter mask sets and other properties, among with old way that provides higher flexibility in defining metadata filtration rules.

MetadataSimpleFilter is just a simplified view of the MetadataFilter. You may use both types of filters at a time: the masks defined in the ExcluedFilter and IncludeFilter will be converted to a set of MetadataFilterItems and joined with the items of the MetadataFilter.

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