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MetadataStructureItem Class

Represents a node in the metadata structure.
Object Model
MetadataStructureItem ClassMetadataFilter ClassMetadataItem ClassMetadataStructureItem ClassMetadataItem ClassMetadataStructure Class
Public Class MetadataStructureItem 
   Inherits BatchUpdatableBase
Dim instance As MetadataStructureItem
public class MetadataStructureItem : BatchUpdatableBase 
public __gc class MetadataStructureItem : public BatchUpdatableBase 

Each item in the metadata structure can be bound to the metadata item to represent it in the structure or it can be a folder that groups other items by specific feature, for example, according to the subject area. Metadata item to bind to this structure item is defined in the MetadataName property.

Metadata items are bound to structure items on calling the parent's LoadChildItems method and unbound on calling the parent's UnloadChildItems method. Binding is performed by finding in the Metadata Container a corresponding to the MetadataName property metadata item and assigning it to the MetadataItem property.

In order to customize the structure, the user may define some structure items beforehand ("static" items). The underlying items may be created in two ways:

1) Automatically according to the MetadataName property. Automatic items creation is performed in accordance with the physical database schema. This means that if you've defined a static node and specified the schema name in the MetadataName property, the child items of this node will be database objects of this schema. If you've defined a table name in the MetadataName, the child items will be fields of this table (if their creation is allowed by the MetadataStructureOptions.ShowFields property), etc. You may deny automatic creation of child nodes by setting the AllowChildAutoItems property to false.

2) Dynamically according to the set of metadata filtration rules defined by the MetadataFilter property.

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