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GenericSyntaxProvider Class

This provider can be used with any database server. It implements most of the ANSI SQL/92 syntax standard definitions, but lacks most of server-specific SQL syntax extensions.
Object Model
GenericSyntaxProvider ClassServerDescriptor Class
Public Class GenericSyntaxProvider 
   Inherits BaseSyntaxProvider
Dim instance As GenericSyntaxProvider
public class GenericSyntaxProvider : BaseSyntaxProvider 
public __gc class GenericSyntaxProvider : public BaseSyntaxProvider 

The generic syntax provider is also able to detect database server automatically, but this information is used only to determine correct quotation of identifiers, their case sensitivity and some other critical requirements of specific database server. So, it basically suits most of the database servers that claim to support ANSI-compatible SQL syntax, but it lacks many SQL syntax features of specific database servers.

Usage of specific dabaase server syntax providers for supported database servers is recommended. If your database server is not known beforehand, you can use the AutoSyntaxProvider which will try to detect database server and will actually use specific SQL syntax provider for this server.

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