Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition reference
ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder2 Assembly
The main assembly of Active Query Builder component.
Object Model
QueryBuilder ClassAddObjectFormOptions ClassBehaviorOptions ClassDatabaseSchemaTreeOptions ClassDataSourceOptions ClassDesignPaneOptions ClassMetadataContainer ClassMetadataLoadingOptions ClassBaseMetadataProvider ClassMetadataStructure ClassMetadataStructureOptions ClassPanesConfigurationOptions ClassParameterList ClassParameter ClassQueryColumnListOptions ClassQueryStatistics ClassQueryStructureTreeOptions ClassBaseSQLContext ClassSQLGenerationOptions ClassBaseSyntaxProvider ClassVisualOptions Class
ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilderActive Query Builder main namespace. This namespace contains the QueryBuilder component that can be used as visual control for building SQL queries as well as non-visual component for parsing and programmatic modification of SQL queries. Also it contains the PlainTextSQLBuilder component that is used to format the output SQL query text generated by the QueryBuilder component, and necessary components intended to provide database connectivity and define SQL parsing and generation rules for different database servers.
ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.CriteriaBuilderCriteriaBuilder is a visual control for composing of criteria.
ActiveDatabaseSoftware.ActiveQueryBuilder.QueryTransformerQuery Transformer is intended to change SQL queries accodring to the end-user data browsing needs. This component automatically extracts columns of the query resultset and lets easily apply sorting, limits, filtration and add aggregates to the query. See Query Transformer Introduction and the QueryTransformer Class reference for details and code samples.



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