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MetadataType Enumeration

Type of MetadataItem object
Public Enum MetadataType 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As MetadataType
public enum MetadataType : System.Enum 
__value public enum MetadataType : public System.Enum 
AggregateDetermines the aggregate function.
AllUnites all possible values of this type.
DatabaseDetermines the Database namespace node.
FieldDetermines the Field node of a database object.
ForeignKeyDetermines the Foreign Key node of a database object.
NamespacesUnites all possible namespace nodes: Server, Database, Schema, Package.
ObjectMetadataUnites all possible child nodes of database objects: Field, Parameter, Foreign Key.
ObjectsUnites all possible database object nodes: Table, View, Procedure, Synonym.
PackageDetermines the Package namespace node.
ParameterDetermines the Parameter node of a database object.
ProcedureDetermines the Stored Procedure or Function database object node.
RootDetermines the root node of the metadata tree.
SchemaDetermines the Schema namespace node.
ServerDetermines the Server namespace node.
SynonymDetermines the Synonym database object node.
TableDetermines the Table database object node.
ViewDetermines the View database object node.
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