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Frequently asked pre-sales technical questions about Active Query Builder

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What development and run-time environments are supported by Active Query Builder?

There are several editions of Active Query Builder available. The detailed information on supported development and run-time environments is available on the product page of the specific edition:

How to start using Active Query Builder?

We recommend for you to start from the following guides:

There are also numerous demo projects that are included in the installation packages to illustrate the different aspects of the component's functionality.

How to remove the "ActiveDBSoft" background logo and the "" link?

The background logo, the hyperlink at the bottom and other ads (nag screen, context menu items, etc.) are present in the Free and Trial versions only. By purchasing the Standard version, you will be free from these elements altogether.

I have a question. Where can I ask it?
  • Submit a Request to the Support System.
    Please provide us as much information as you can, including: urgency, product name and version, what you are trying to do and the error information.
  • Send your feedback to the Community Forum

    Please use the Forum to ask any questions if you aren't in a hurry, so that everyone can benefit from your question and the subsequent answer. There, you can also discuss our products and suggest new features and improvements.




Join Types

Automatic Joins Creation
Active Query Builder automatically determines relationships between tables and creates appropriate joins for them.

Different Join Types
Active Query Builder allows to define different join types and various server-specific query options visually.

Unions and Sub-queries

Unions and Sub-Queries
Unions, sub queries and derived tables can be accessed and built visually in Active Query Builder as easy as the main query.

Grouping, Sorting and Criteria
Active Query Builder allows to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way.

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