Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition History

November 30, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.14.1

+ Batch loading of fields and foreign keys for Oracle, MS SQL Server and 
  DB2 has been implemented.
+ The new SyntaxProvider.UseBatchMetadataLoading property has been added
  (default: True).
- Criteria Builder: The bug with "between" operator for date fields has 
  been fixed.
- Sybase: Detection of newer versions of SQL Anywhere has been fixed.
- Sybase: Case-sensitive identifiers are implied for Sybase ASE.
- Query Transformer: Applying both pagination and sort order has been fixed.

October 03, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.14.0

- Minor link drawing glitches have been fixed.
- Client-side programmatic query creation API with aggregates and grouping
  has been fixed.
+ PostgreSQL: Support for "$n"-style positional parameters has been added.
- Oracle: List of keywords used as valid identifiers has been updated.
- MySQL: Some valid identifiers were erroneously treated as keywords. 
  Fixed now.

September 15, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.16

+ MySQL: Support for DateDiff, TimeDiff, TimestampDiff functions 
  has been added.
= Internal HTTP session optimizations have been made.

September 06, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.15

+ The new QB.Web.Core.Events.SyncFinished event has been added. It's fired
  when the sync action is completed and data from the server is applied to
+ The new QB.Web.Core.unbind(event, callback) method has been added. It
  allows unsubscribing the given handler from an event.
= The QB.Web.Core.updateSQL method now puts the SQL query text to the 
+ MS SQL Server: Support for SELECT into local variable has been added.
  (SELECT @localVar = ...)
- The bug with resolving baseName.fieldName references for stored procedures
  and table-valued functions has been fixed.

August 18, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.14

- The Edit Sub-query icon wasn't shown for Common Table Expressions. Fixed
- Displaying the structure of complex queries in the Sub-query navigation
  bar has been corrected.
- The bug in Criteria Builder with setting "is between" operator for date
  fields has been fixed.
- MetadataLoadingOptions.IncludeFilter/ExcludeFilter: filtration by object
  type only has been fixed.
- The QueryBuilder.LayoutSQL property now accepts empty strings without
- Correct column prefix now emitted for UDFs and stored procedures without

July 14, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.13

- The bug with resizing of datasource on Design Pane has been fixed.
= Diagnostic error message is now shown if there's no access to the session
= MS SQL Server: List of keywords has been updated.

July 04, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.12

- The CopyLocal property is now set to True for all references to Active 
  Query Builder properties in the demo projects.
- The bug with loading of multiple unnamed foreign keys has been fixed.

June 16, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.11

! Default location of JS and CSS files has been changed. The JS and CSS
  directories must reside in the directory of the web page or the parent
  control, formerly - in the server root folder. As before, you can 
  override the default settings as needed. Please refer to the Quick Start
  Guides for details.
- The error appeared in the JavaScript console in IE on deleting a datsource
  has been fixed.
- The bug with the Undefined parameter in the callback of refreshSql method
  called after the session expiration has been fixed.
- The bug with quotation of incorrect SQL expressions with double quotes
  instead of apostrophes has been fixed.
+ The "Alternate names" demo for MVC5 has been added.

May 17, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.10

= The "object.*" item is added now to the query on dropping an object to 
  the Query Columns Grid.
- The bug with an object added to the query twice on dropping it between 
  the Design Pane and the Query Columns Grid has been fixed.
- The bug with incorrect displaying of fields in the search results in the
  Database Schema Tree has been fixed,
- A memory leak on the client has been eliminated.

April 05, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.9

- The bug with validation of a query that contains a recursive CTE has been
+ The new QB.Web.CriteriaBuilder.Events.CriteriaBuilderChanged event lets
  check the state of the Criteria Builder control.
      function (event, args) {
        // checks if all conditions are valid 
        var isValid = args.criteriaBuilder.isValid(); 
= The Query Results demo projects have been improved.

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