Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition History

October 03, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.14.0

- Minor link drawing glitches have been fixed.
- Client-side programmatic query creation API with aggregates and grouping
  has been fixed.
+ PostgreSQL: Support for "$n"-style positional parameters has been added.
- Oracle: List of keywords used as valid identifiers has been updated.
- MySQL: Some valid identifiers were erroneously treated as keywords. 
  Fixed now.

September 15, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.16

+ MySQL: Support for DateDiff, TimeDiff, TimestampDiff functions 
  has been added.
= Internal HTTP session optimizations have been made.

September 06, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.15

+ The new QB.Web.Core.Events.SyncFinished event has been added. It's fired
  when the sync action is completed and data from the server is applied to
+ The new QB.Web.Core.unbind(event, callback) method has been added. It
  allows unsubscribing the given handler from an event.
= The QB.Web.Core.updateSQL method now puts the SQL query text to the 
+ MS SQL Server: Support for SELECT into local variable has been added.
  (SELECT @localVar = ...)
- The bug with resolving baseName.fieldName references for stored procedures
  and table-valued functions has been fixed.

August 18, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.14

- The Edit Sub-query icon wasn't shown for Common Table Expressions. Fixed
- Displaying the structure of complex queries in the Sub-query navigation
  bar has been corrected.
- The bug in Criteria Builder with setting "is between" operator for date
  fields has been fixed.
- MetadataLoadingOptions.IncludeFilter/ExcludeFilter: filtration by object
  type only has been fixed.
- The QueryBuilder.LayoutSQL property now accepts empty strings without
- Correct column prefix now emitted for UDFs and stored procedures without

July 14, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.13

- The bug with resizing of datasource on Design Pane has been fixed.
= Diagnostic error message is now shown if there's no access to the session
= MS SQL Server: List of keywords has been updated.

July 04, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.12

- The CopyLocal property is now set to True for all references to Active 
  Query Builder properties in the demo projects.
- The bug with loading of multiple unnamed foreign keys has been fixed.

June 16, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.11

! Default location of JS and CSS files has been changed. The JS and CSS
  directories must reside in the directory of the web page or the parent
  control, formerly - in the server root folder. As before, you can 
  override the default settings as needed. Please refer to the Quick Start
  Guides for details.
- The error appeared in the JavaScript console in IE on deleting a datsource
  has been fixed.
- The bug with the Undefined parameter in the callback of refreshSql method
  called after the session expiration has been fixed.
- The bug with quotation of incorrect SQL expressions with double quotes
  instead of apostrophes has been fixed.
+ The "Alternate names" demo for MVC5 has been added.

May 17, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.10

= The "object.*" item is added now to the query on dropping an object to 
  the Query Columns Grid.
- The bug with an object added to the query twice on dropping it between 
  the Design Pane and the Query Columns Grid has been fixed.
- The bug with incorrect displaying of fields in the search results in the
  Database Schema Tree has been fixed,
- A memory leak on the client has been eliminated.

April 05, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.9

- The bug with validation of a query that contains a recursive CTE has been
+ The new QB.Web.CriteriaBuilder.Events.CriteriaBuilderChanged event lets
  check the state of the Criteria Builder control.
      function (event, args) {
        // checks if all conditions are valid 
        var isValid = args.criteriaBuilder.isValid(); 
= The Query Results demo projects have been improved.

March 24, 2017

Active Query Builder 2 ASP.NET Edition v.2.13.8

+ The new QB.Web.Application.getProcedureParameters method has been added 
  to redefine default prompt for procedure parameters. It must accept the
  name of procedure name and callback function to return the parameters
  string. Sample:
  QB.Web.Application.getProcedureParameters = function(procName, callback) 
    var params = prompt("Specify params for " + procName);
+ The new Canvas.LinkColor property has been added to specify the color of
  link lines on the Design Pane.
= Dependencies in all MVC 5 demo projects are now targeted to the .NET 4.5
- The bug in the Metadata Structure Demo project has been fixed.

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