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Grouping output fields

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To build a query with grouping, you mark the expressions for grouping with the Grouping checkbox.

A query with grouping must have only grouping or aggregate expressions in the SELECT list. Thus, Active Query Builder allows you to set the Output checkbox for grouping and aggregate expressions. If you try to set this checkbox for a column without Grouping or Aggregate function set, a Grouping checkbox will be set automatically to maintain the validity of the result SQL query.

When the Columns Pane contains columns marked with the Grouping checkbox, a new column called "Criteria for" appears in the grid. This column specifies the appliance of criteria to the expression groups or to their values.

For example, you have a column "Quantity" with the Aggregate function "Avg" in your query and you type the "> 10" in the Criteria column. Having the "for groups" value set in the Criteria for column, the result query will contain only groups with an average quantity greater than 10, and your query will have the "Avg(Quantity) > 10" condition in the HAVING clause. Having the "for values" value set in the "Criteria for" column, the result query will calculate the Average aggregate function only for records with a Quantity value greater than 10, and your query will have the "Quantity > 10" condition in the WHERE clause.

Defining grouping

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