Active Query Builder VCL Edition History

April 26, 2024

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.35.4

= ANSI SQL/92, SQL/2003: Minor compatibility fixes are made.
= Handling of the ORDER BY by column index for unnamed columns is fixed.
= TacBaseMetadataProvider, TacTextDocument: The new OnExecuteThread event is
- Pervasive: The bug with fields ordering is fixed.
- Criteria Builder: The crash on items destroying is eliminated.

February 28, 2024

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.35.3

- Delphi 2007: Datasource fields list drawing issues are fixed.
- Criteria Builder: The crash on initializing the popup list in some cases is

February 22, 2024

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.35.2

= Pervasive: The load of metadata is improved.
= Installer: Sources and packages are extracted into the public documents folder.
- RAD Studio 12: Datasource painting is fixed.
- RAD Studio 12: Datasource fields filter paiting with Delphi skins is fixed.
- Datasources layout for apps with Delphi skins is fixed.

January 24, 2024

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.35.1

= Oracle: Parsing expressions with parentheses is speeded up.
= MySQL: Parsing of queries with "=false" and "=true" is speeded up.
= MySQL: New aggregate functions are added.
= Snowflake: The bug with some aggregate function names is fixed.
= Snowflake: Support for POSITION and FLATTEN functions is made.
= MS SQL Server: Support for WITHIN expression is made.
= SQL text editor: New SQL Server functions are added to the suggestions list.
- SQL text editor: Suggestions list tooltips are back.
- RAD Studio 12: The bug with clicking on checkboxes in the datasource field
  list when VCL themes are turned on is fixed.
- Old Delphi version incompatibilities are fixed.

November 23, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.35.0

+ Support for RAD Studio 12 is added.
+ Criteria Builder: The ability to paste a list of values from clipboard to the
  "in list" editor is made.
+ Firebird: Server version autodetection is added.
+ Oracle: Support for percentile_cont, percentile_disc functions is added.
+ Denodo: Support for analytical functions is added.
- DevExpress: Exception on destroying a datasource is elimitated.
- NexusDB: The bug with identifiers comparison is fixed.

September 19, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.34.0

- Redshift: Metadata extraction is fixed.
- A possible DevExpress 23.1 issue workaround is made.
- Criteria Builder: The exception on hitting Esc or Enter on value editing is

August 17, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.33.2

+ Support for Snowflake SQL syntax is made. The new TacSnowflakeSyntaxProvider
  is added.
+ Support for Firebird v.4 SQL is made. The new server version is added to 
= SQL Text Editor: The drawing of very longs string is optimized.
= MySQL: Support for IS TRUE and IS FALSE clauses is improved.
- PostgreSQL: The ambiguity on parsing TIMESTAMP type name is eliminated.
- SQL Server: Parsing of the ZONE keyword as an identifier is fixed.
- TacMetadataContainer.SetDefaultSchemaNamesStr: The crash if quotation symbol 
  is not defined by the syntax is eliminated.

July 14, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.33.1

! SQL Text Editor: ActiveColor, InactiveColor properties are added to 
  TacFoldingProperties. TacFoldingProperties.Color property is obsolete now.
! SQL Text Editor: The new SuggestionsContent property is added. 
  The SuggestionListContent property is obsolete now.
+ SQL Text Editor: The new event OnReloadSuggestionsList is added.
= TacSqlScript: Statements separator is added now on adding a new statement to
  the end of the script.
= PostgreSQL: Partitioned tables are fetched correctly now on schema load.
- PostgreSQL: Parsing of the AT TIME ZONE operator is fixed.
= MySQL: Support for Group_Concat function is added.
= MySQL: Support for IS TRUE and IS FALSE operators is added.
- Oracle: Ambiguities on parsing TIMESTAMP and DISTINCT clauses are eliminated.
- SAP Hana: The bug with STRING_AGG function with ORDER BY clause is fixed.
- MS SQL Server: Parsing of the AT identifier is fixed.
- Criteria Builder: The bug with incorrect parsing of float values if 
  DecimalSeparator differs from default is fixed.

April 11, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.33.0

+ SQL Text Editor: typing is made smoother, working with large SQL scripts is 
  speeded up, minor usability improvements are made.

March 27, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.32.5

+ NexusDB: Suppot for GUID literals is added.
= MS SQL Server: Object names are used as default aliased for unaliased objects.
- The crash if no fields were loaded when printing "table.*" is fixed.
- The crash on wrapping a query into a subquery for some complex queries is fixed.
- IBM DB2: The bug in the fields loading query for DB2 for AS/400 is fixed.
- PostgreSQL: Parsing of dollar-quoted string literals is fixed.

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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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