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Reasons To Buy

What am I paying for when buying Active Query Builder?

  • Subscription: 12 Month Product Guarantee

    Active Query Builder is sold based on a subscription model. This means that when you purchase one of the Active Query Builder Subscriptions, you receive 12 months of free updates for the specified products from the date of purchase - be it a minor service update or a major new version. After the 12 month period and at your discretion, you can pay about 30% of the original price to "renew" the subscription and receive another 12 months of free updates. The subscription will be prolonged for a chosen number of years starting from the previous subscription expiration date, no matter if it's already expired or not. If you choose not to renew, you can continue using the last version you obtained or are eligible to use. The 12 month time frame is merely for new versions/updates and has no relevance to rights of use (as long as the EULA is not violated).

  • Priority Technical Support

    During the subscription period, all your support enquiries will be given top priority. You can be sure to receive answers from our support staff within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), to have your bug reports processed foremost, and your wishes and suggestions to be placed higher in our to-do list.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We give a 30 day money back guarantee to all our customers for all commercial versions of our products without source code. Thus, in case you are not satisfied with our product within the first 30 days of your purchase, you can get a full refund of the purchase price in case our product could not be used according to your individual needs. However, as you have the opportunity to test our products before purchasing them, you should explain the reason for your refusal to use the product that you bought and must assure us that you would not use or distribute the product being purchased or the serial number to it. Our money back guarantee enables you to deploy your solution build with our product without any risk of losing your money due to a wrong choice of the product.

    This guarantee takes no effect in case you bought a version of our product with source code.

  • Royalty-free

    All of our products are Royalty Free. Active Database Software does not charge any royalties for the redistribution of components that have been integrated into applications which you engineer. Of course, this only applies if you have a valid license to all the products that are being used within your application.




Join Types

Automatic Joins Creation
Active Query Builder automatically determines relationships between tables and creates appropriate joins for them.

Different Join Types
Active Query Builder allows to define different join types and various server-specific query options visually.

Unions and Sub-queries

Unions and Sub-Queries
Unions, sub queries and derived tables can be accessed and built visually in Active Query Builder as easy as the main query.

Grouping, Sorting and Criteria
Active Query Builder allows to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way.

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