Entry-level SQL users sometimes have a hard time learning the language, or they may hesitate to apply their knowledge in the real world when working on production databases. These are just two of the many possible reasons that hold beginners back from accessing the data they need. Active Query Builder helps SQL learners and newcomers resolve all kinds of tasks when creating SQL requests.

What SQL newcomers will get with Active Query Builder:

  • Visual drag-and-drop query editor
  • SQL learning capabilities and auto-assistant
  • Query syntax and logic checker

Easy solution for all entry-level SQL users

There are many typical little problems and questions that beginners usually have. If you’re one of them, here are the answers.

Do you need assistance when writing queries?

People who know SQL a bit but don’t have much experience in writing queries need to build confidence in what they’re doing. Active Query Builder allows them to use a handy drag-and-drop visual query editor, which is probably the most beloved function, because it lets users create real queries as easily as putting together a child’s Lego project.

Write your first request in less than 2 minutes. You’ll be surprised with the speed at which you can construct queries from simple building blocks and see results right away.

The query syntax and logic is always under control. Get rid of missing commas and unmatched fields when doing SELECT and GROUP BY.

No more waiting in line for help. You no longer need help with every query, because you can do most of the tasks yourself. IT staff can do their own routine with little or no in-house consulting.

Did you learn SQL a while ago and need to refresh your knowledge?

It might be painful to go back to where you left off, especially after years have passed by. You might need to ask a few people for advice, and it can be tempting to procrastinate a bit before you come up with a query text.

Even if you don’t remember how, you can still do it. No need to read documentation if you can’t remember some SQL keywords. They’ll be at your fingertips while constructing a query.

One query, two views. Constructing a query is interchangeable in both editors: the visual one at the top and SQL Query Text at the bottom. Any change in either mode will automatically appear in the other.

Auto-suggestions will help you write query text and prevent you from getting stuck.

Try out Active Query Builder now. This tool can be equally useful to both professionals and newcomers.