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January 19, 2023

Active Query Builder VCL and ActiveX Editions 1.32 lets pack a piece of query to a sub-query.

We're glad to announce the new minor version of Active Query Builder VCL and ActiveX Editions. You can evaluate the new version by requesting the trial. Customers can download the new version in the Customer's area.

What's new in the Active Query Builder VCL and ActiveX Editions version 1.32?

  • Packing objects in the Design Pane into a sub-query.

    Now it's possible to select multiple datasources in the Design Pane in different ways:

    • select all datasources in a rectangular area with the mouse,
    • select individual datasources while holding the Ctrl key,
    • select all the intermediate datasources between the given two ones (by joins) holding the Shift key.

    The new "Wrap into derived table" action is added to the datasource context menu to pack one or several datasources in a new derived table preserving the joins and conditions in the current subquery.

  • SQL Filter Builder (TacCriteriaBuilder) improvements
    • Lots of UI and UX improvements and fixes are made.
    • Users can copy and paste the list of values for the "in list" operator conditions.
    • Typing values in the list editor is made easier: "Enter" key now moves focus to the next item, Alt+Home/End shortcuts move focus to the first/last item in the list.
    • Automatic transition between date parts in DateTime picker when typing is made.
  • Other changes and improvements:
    • It is now possible to Show/Hide Unused fields for all objects on the Design Pane via the context menu.
    • TacSimpleFilter now supports object masks (%, _).
  • SQL syntax improvements:
    • SAP Hana: Support for analytic expressions is added.
    • SQLite: Date, Time and DateTime conversion built-in functions are added.
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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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