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April 03, 2018

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 3.2 lets build cross-domain apps and use it in a Docker container.

We're glad to announce the new version of Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition. You can evaluate the new version by requesting the trial. Customers can download the new version in the Customer's area.

What's new in the Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 3.1 since version 3.2?

  • Client-side optimisations have been made. They provide notable performance improvements when working with a large number of fields in database objects and a large number of items in the SELECT list of the query.
  • The new AngularJS ( demo project has been added.
  • The new Cross-domain demo project has been added to illustrate working with AQB HTTP handlers on a different host.
    It allows for the automatic building of a Docker container for Active Query Builder.
  • The ObjectTreeView.DefaultExpandMetadataType now expands the whole tree on setting it to the MetadataType.All value.
  • SQL Text Editor is now resizable by default.
  • The new settings allow for determining the location of Active Query Builder handlers in case of placing it in a virtual directory on IIS server.
  • The new Query Results demo has been added to the CustomStorage demo project.
  • The bug on touch-enabled Windows 10 systems in Chrome and Firefox has been fixed.
  • Compatibility with IE9 has been confirmed.
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