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February 20, 2018

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 3.1 improves the API of the new major version.

We're glad to announce the new version of Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition. You can evaluate the new version by requesting the trial. Customers can download the new version in the Customer's area.

What's new in the Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 3.0 since version 3.1?

  • The ability to define custom storage for the QueryBuilder and QueryTransformer server-side objects to keep the component's state during the user work session and between sessions has been added. This ability allows not to rely on the ASP.NET session mechanism.
    • The new static classes have been introduced: QueryBuilderStore, QueryTransformerStore.
    • The Get*, Create* and Remove* methods of the SessionStore object are marked as obsolete. They should be replaced with appropriate methods of the new *Store classes.
    • Ability to override the storage of server-side objects has been added via the IQueryBuilderProvider interface.
    • The new Custom Server-side Objects Storage Demo has been added to illustrate the usage of the new feature.
  • The ability to edit the text of sub-queries separately from the entire query has been made. Read the Knowledge Base article and review the Edit Sub-Query Text Demo project.
    • The new SqlEditor.TargetQueryPart property has been added. It accepts the Query, SubQuery and UnionSubQuery values.
    • The new QueryBuilder.ActiveUnionSubQueryChanged event has been added.
    • The new activeSubQuerySQL and activeUnionSubQuerySQL properties have been added to the AQB.Web.QueryBuider object on the client.
  • Other improvements:
    • The client now renders updates from the server faster.
    • The new demo projects illustrate the component's usage with WebPack, React and Electron.
    • Logging has been improved. Informational messages about the internal configuration problems are now written to the Output window in Visual Studio.
  • Miscellaneous API changes:
    • The new addNewNamedSubQuery, addDerivedTable, addUnionSubQuery methods have been added to the AQB.Web.QueryBuilder object to make possible execute these commands from JavaScript.
    • The new AQB.Web.QueryBuilder.dispose method destroys the QueryBuilder object both on the server and client.
    • The new client events AQB.Web.onQueryBuilderReady and AQB.Web.onCriteriaBuilderReady are added to replace the onApplicationReady event.
    • The QueryBuilder.Logger and AqbHandler.Logger properties have been renamed to Log.
    • All getters of configuration properties that must be defined through the configuration file have been moved from the SessionStore class to the appropriate handlers: BaseHandler, AqbHandler, ResourceHandler.
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