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September 13, 2005

Active Query Builder 0.9.9 released

We're glad to announce a new beta version of Active Query Builder. You can download the newest version from the download page.

What's new in Active Query Builder 0.9.9?

  • New ability is added to work with stored procedures and functions in TacBaseSyntaxProvider.
  • TacQueryBuilder: New methods are added to retrieve lists of tables, views and procedures to support server specific rules of retrieval. For example, to retrieve a list of tables for MS SQL Server, 'exec sp_tables' is executed now.
    You should use these methods instead of appropriate TacBaseMetadataProvider methods. Methods of TacBaseMetadataProvider remain unchanged, but they are obsolete now.
  • New OnGetProcedureNames event is added to the TacEventMetadataProvider component.

  • TSQLBuilderConditionFormat: The new IndentNestedConditions property is added to specify an indent for nested conditions.
  • TSQLBuilderFromClauseFormat: The new JoinConditionFormat property of the TSQLBuilderConditionFormat type is added to determine the layout of JOIN conditions.
  • TSQLBuilderConditionFormat: The new NewLineAfter property is added to split logical expressions by lines. Now you can start new lines in the following cases:
    • After top-most OR operators;
    • After all top-most logical operators;
    • After all logical operators.
  • TacQueryBuilder: The new LinkPainterClass public property is added to change link painting style programmatically.
  • The TacBaseSyntaxProvider component is moved to the acAST.pas module and merged with the TastBaseSyntaxProvider component.
  • Some minor improvements and bugfixes.

acMYSQLAST, acMSSQLAST and acPGSQLAST modules are removed, use acMYSQLSynProvider, acMSSQLSynProvider and acPGSQLSynProvider modules instead.

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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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