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October 18, 2016

Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 2.12 automatically restores the component's state after session expiration.

We're glad to announce the new version of Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition. You can evaluate the new version by requesting the trial. Customers can download the new version in the Customer's area.

What's new in the Active Query Builder ASP.NET Edition 2.12 since version 2.11?

  • Ability to restore the component's state after session expiration without page reload has been made.
  • Now it's possible to add a field to the query by double-clicking on it in the datasource field list on Design Pane.
  • Diagnostic messages about server configuration errors and incorrect communication with the server have been made clearer.
  • The new ObjectTreeView.AutoExpandSingleNode property has been added to instruct the control to expand child nodes if there is only one namespace node is available at the current level.
  • Overlay to disable visual UI controls has been made. The new functions have been added to show/hide the overlay: QB.Web.Application.showOverlay(message), QB.Web.Application.hideOverlay().
  • New functions have been added to set and clear filter for the Database Schema Tree: QB.Web.Application.TreeComponent.setFilter(filter), QB.Web.Application.TreeComponent.clearFilter().
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements have been made.
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