Active Query Builder Java Edition History

October 18, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- The bug with column header containing checkbox under Oracle L&F is fixed.

October 17, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- The bug with filtering by schema name containing the '$' char is fixed.
- The bug with null table comments affecting the metadata loading is fixed.

September 06, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- Leaking of ResultSet on fetching foreign keys is fixed.
- MySQL: The assignment operator is added. 
- Oracle: The UNTIL and UPDATED keywords can be used as identifiers now.

August 31, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- The exception in field type comparison is fixed.

August 27, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- The problem with "null" schema string when connecting to dBase files through 
  the JDBC-ODBC driver is fixed.

August 02, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

+ PostgreSQL: Support for analytic expressions is made.
- Oracle: Support for LISTAGG function special syntax is added.
- Oracle: Missing space in analytic expression specifier is fixed.

August 01, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

+ Oracle: Optimizer hints are supported now.
+ The LinkChanging and LinkChanged events are added.
= MS SQL Server: T-SQL joins (*=) are disabled if ServerVersion is Auto.
- DB2: Support for MINUS union operator is added. Since it is just an alias, 
  it will be automatically converted to EXCEPT.
- Oracle: The bug with the "TYPE" keyword is fixed.
- Oracle: Support for the full form of XMLAGG aggregate function is added.
- Oracle: Incorrect processing of IN clause with a single value in the set is
- MySQL: Support for full syntax of TRIM function is added.
- Exception on full joins when saving QueryStructureXML is fixed.
- Exception in "Add Object" dialog if object adding has been aborted in the
  DiagramObjectAdding event is fixed.
- Firing of DatasourceField* events on using of "Check All" and "Uncheck All"
  menu items is fixed.

May 12, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- Fixed data source caption update on changing UseAltNames property at runtime.
- Loading of ORDER BY for queries like "SELECT a.* from a ORDER BY field" is
- Unquoted column names are fixed in QueryStatistics.OutputColumns for queries
  like "select * from Orders".
+ PostgreSQL: Support for typed literals: "date '2001-09-28'", "integer '7'"
  is added.

April 27, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

- DB2: The unnecessary WHERE clause is removed from fields fetching queries.

March 30, 2012

Active Query Builder Java Edition v.

= Double click action on field list checkboxes is disabled.
- The UnionNavBar layout and painting on scrolling the Design Pane is fixed.

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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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