Active Query Builder VCL Edition History

May 04, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.19

+ Automatic alias assignment is made when user adds two or more columns with 
  same name to the query. The warning message is shown when muptiple columns
  with same name appear in sub-queries in result of user actions as this may 
  lead to inconsistence in the calling sub-query.
+ The new OnUserMessage event is added. It is fired when the Query Builder is
  about to show the warning message to the user. You may override this 
  behavior by handling the OnUserMessage event.
= The CreateWhereJoinsByDefault property is moved to QueryBuilder.LinkOptions.
= The AddObjectWithFK method takes into account the CreateLinksByIdenticalFields
  property value now.
= C++ Builder 6 support is reverted.
- Minor bug fixes are made.

April 23, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.18

+ SQLite: The component can load foreign keys now.
= SQLite: The list of aggregates and built-in functions is filled now.
+ The new TacQueryBuilder.LinkOptions.CreateLinksByIdenticalFieldNames property
  is added to instruct the component to add links between objects by identical
  field names (might be useful for legacy databases without foreign keys).
+ The new  TacBaseSyntaxProvider.CreateWhereJoinsByDefault property is added
  to instruct the component to create joins in WHERE clause, not using the JOIN
  keyword in FROM clause. Useful for Oracle databases when you want to use 
  Oracle style joins (+=, =+).
= Preserving additional ORDER BY attributes like "ORDER SIBLINGS BY" is made.
= Turkish.lng: correct order of params in "Unexpected token" error message
- Localizer "out of range" error when saving files is fixed.
- The component will not try to load fields from database now if they already
  loaded during execution of the DoObjectMetadataLoading event handler.
- MS SQL Server: Support of the OPENQUERY function is fixed.
- Few CTE bugs are fixed.

April 13, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.16

= Language files are converted to UTF8. The component allows to read language 
  files in both ANSI and UTF8 encoding now.
- OleInitialize/OleUnintialize calls are corrected for C++ Builder support.
- Wrong SQL generation when object and database names are equal is fixed.

April 06, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.12

+ The new property TacSQLBuilder.CTESubQueryFormat is made to define formatting
  rules of CTE sub-queries independently from derived tables.
- Better parsing of criteria expressions is made.
+ The new events are added to customize the result SQL query text:
  TacSQLBuilder.OnBeginBuildSQLForNode and TacSQLBuilder.OnEndBuildSQLForNode
= The AddNewCTE method performs names fixup for its AQuery argument now.
+ The new property TacMetadataContainer.LoadInvertedRelations is added to get
  relations assigned to the detail table instead of master table while loading

March 23, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.11

+ OLE drag-and-drop of text items to design area and criteria grid is made.
+ The new properties are added to allow OLE drag'n'drop of text items to the
  Design Area (QueryBuilder.OLEDragAndDrop: Boolean) and the Query Colums Grid
  (QueryBuilder.SelectListOptions.OLEDragAndDrop: Boolean).
+ The new AParam.CompletionsList property in OnCustomExpressionBuilder event is
  added to get access to the list of datasource columns of the currently active
= MySQL: more accurate checking of the current database request is made.
- Oracle: correct printing of objects with @DBLINK is made.
- Replacing name of stored proc with it's alias is fixed.
= C++ Builder 2007 and above installation procedure is fixed.
= Exception is not raised now on ParseExpression error, returning Null instead.

March 02, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.8

- The bug with entering criteria prefixed with comparison operators is fixed.
  (introduced in 1.16.6)
= Prevented EOL and EOF characters to be included in .hpp files.
= DB2: Additional aggregate functions are added: VAR_POP, VAR_SAMP
= Fixed bug with incorrect removal of selected query fields not related to the
  sub-query on removing same named fields from the sub-query.

February 24, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.6

- The position parameter in the OnCustomExpressionBuilder event now measured
  from the top-left corner of the component (was of the columns grid control).
- Add Object Form: The ListView display mode is now applied correctly.
+ Add Object Form: Descriptions for metadata objects are displayed now in the
  Report ListView mode.
= MySQL: The || and && operators are treated now correctly according to the
  server configuration (as synonyms for logical OR and AND in default mode).
+ IBM DB2: Statistics aggregate functions are added.
+ IBM DB2: Extended syntax for TRIM, POSITION and EXTRACT functions, string
  types with CCSIDs are supported now.
= The "{expression}" entered to the Condition cell is converted to 
  "= {expression}" now.
- The ColumnPaneVisible property is fixed in Design Time.
+ MySQL: &,|,^,<<,>> operators are supported now.

February 09, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.4

- DB2: The INNER, LEFT and RIGHT join keyword parser ambiguities are removed.
- ObjectMetadataLoading and ObjectMetadataLoaded events were not fired 
  in offline mode. Fixed now.
- Delphi6 support is fixed.
- DelphiXE installer is fixed.

January 28, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.2

+ The new sample project is added to demonstrate how to replace all the WHERE
  clause or to append new condition string to the query.
+ The new properties are added to TacQueryBuilder.FieldsListOptions group:
  the HideAsteriskItem allows to remove the asterisk item from the field lists;
  the SelectAllFieldsByDefault instructs the component to check all fields 
  of a datasource on adding it to the query building area.
- MS Jet: Original fields order is preseved now for Jet 3.5 and 4.0.

January 26, 2011

Active Query Builder VCL Edition v.1.16.1

= Packages for Delphi 6 Enterprise IDE are included.
- MySQL: "Datetime" is now valid identifier.
+ Conditional define is made to support ExpressPageControl v3 (currently BETA)
  in acQBControls.pas,  TacPageControlBase.GetBorderWidth function.
= MySQL: GROUP_CONCAT is added to the list of aggregate functions now.
+ DB2: tuples are supported now.
= Access: Original database object fields order is restored now.

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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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