Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition History

September 13, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.3.1

= Single-line text box is used to edit Top query property now.
= Minor change to avoid inconsistent SQL query state by has been made. 
  Grouping is now automatically turned on for the column turned visible if 
  there is grouping or aggregates in the sub-query.
= New params for the SubQuery.GetSqlForDataPreview function instruct to add
  a row limitation clause to the returned query. Default values prescribe
  not to add this clause (int skip = 0, int count = -1).
- The bug with the "Uncheck all" datasource command has been fixed.
- MS SQL Server: Loading databases for linked servers has been fixed.
- Minor fixes in demo projects have been made.

September 03, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.3.0

+ The new QueryBuilderControl.Theme property has been made to switch styling
  between several predefined schemes. The current version supports jQueryUI
  and BootStrap styling out of the box. Allowed property values: 'default',
  'jqueryui' and 'bootstrap'. See the demos marked with the 'Bootstrap' and
  'JqueryUI' labels. 
+ The new AQB.Web.theme property allows applying custom styling scheme on
  the client-side. See the demo with the 'Foundation' label to find the
  sample of applying custom styling. 
+ The new Japanese localization is made. 
= Eight localizations are updated and proofread by professionals: German,
  French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Italian,
  Turkish, and Russian. 
! The behaviour of the DefaultExpandMetadataType property has been changed. 
  Now the types listed in this property will be expanded automatically. 
  The new default value is Database.
+ New methods have been added to the QueryBuilder.GridComponent object:
  - prependEmptyRow adds a new row to the top of the list. 
  - appendEmptyRow adds a new row to the end of the list. 
  - tooltipGetText allows overriding a tooltip for grid cells. 
+ The new QueryBuilderControl.HandlersPath property allows defining a 
  custom path for requests to AQB handler. 
+ The new BaseHandler.DisableRegistration method allows to turn off
  automatic registration of the route to AQB handlers. 
+ Serialization of all component properties is possible now. Use the
  XmlSerializer.Serialize/Deserialize methods for this purpose. 
- The bug with the TreeViewComponent.tooltipGetText event has been fixed. 
- The bug with extra brackets in the Database Schema View has been fixed. 
- Some visual glitches with the grid scrollbars have been eliminated.

July 17, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.5

+ The new method AQB.Web.dispose frees all allocated resources and deletes
  the AQB namespace. 
= The new Custom Expression Editor popup dialog to edit text of SQL
  expressions via multiline text editor with SQL syntax highlighting is now
  added to the "Show Query Results" demo. It displays the formatted text of
  sub-queries and CASE statements and warns the user about errors in SQL
- The bug with displaying "or" and "and" prefixes has been fixed.
- The bug with shifting the content of the Database Schema View in IE has
  been fixed.
- The bug with the horizontal Query Columns Grid scrolling has been fixed.
= Minor fixes in the mobile.layout.css have been made.

July 05, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.

- Criteria Builder: The bug with the bool fields type has been fixed.
- Criteria Builder: The bug with the load of invalid logical expressions has
  been fixed.

July 03, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.4

+ The new "Properties" item has been added to context menus of Objects, Links
  and the Canvas itself (Query properties).
+ Possibility to catch error both on the server and client has been added.
  1. The new BaseHandler.OnException event has been made. It allows 
  overriding the message passed to the client.
  2. The new AQB.Web.QueryBuilder.Events.OnError method allows informing 
  the user about the error in another way.
+ The new property CriteriaBuilder.dateFormat allows changing the date 
  display format. Default value: "". Possible values are listed here:
+ The new DataSourceOptions.resizeMode property has been added to change the
  way the user can resize objects in the Canvas. Default value: "se" 
  (bottom-right corner). Possible values are listed here:
- Criteria Builder: The bug with the bool fields type has been fixed.
- The bug with displaying splitters in the Internet Explorer has been fixed.
= Other minor changes have been made.

June 22, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.3

+ The new VirtualDirectory option for the configuration file has been added.
  Setting it will override the autodetected value.
+ The message is displayed now on turning to the "Sleep mode" when the user
  enters a query that is not a SELECT statement.
+ The new demo project has been added to illustrate applying custom HTML
  layout to the web page and also presents the new version of HTML layout
  for mobile devices.
- Crieria Builder now correctly handles conditions for strings with spaces.
- The HideAsteriskItem property is applied correctly being set on the page
  for the Canvas control.
- The bug with the columns width out of sync on changing the Query Columns
  Grid width has been fixed.
- Handling of several Query Column List items with the same Expression has
  been fixed.
= The AQB.Web.Core.addGridRow method now applies all properties of the
  passed GridRowDto object.
= The GridComponent.setColumnWidth now accepts values in pixels and 

May 10, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.2

+ Corporate version is now available for download and upgrade.
+ Demo projects for VB.NET are included in the installation package.
= Autodetection of the used virtual directory has been made. You still can
  override it via the BaseHandler.VirtualDirectory property.
- The bug with metadata filtration arising in some particular cases has been
- Minor visual bugs have been fixed.

April 25, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.1

! The Provider property of the QueryBuilderStore and QueryTransformerStore
  objects are available now in the Corporate version only. 
+ The new Angular ( demo project has been added.
+ Corporate version: The new CookieStorage demo has been added to illustrate
  the ability to save the query state on the client side (stateless server).
+ The new factory methods have been made to create the QueryBuilder along
  with the right syntax provider.
+ The AQB.Web.QueryBuilder.GridComponent object introduces the new Header
  property to control the grid header. It has the columnList property to 
  store the information about grid columns. You can set the width of a grid
  column by calling the GridComponent.setColumnWidth(name, width) method 
  to set the width of specific column in pixels.
+ Sub-queries markup has been improved: sub-query buttons are arranged in 
  several rows. Switching between rows is possible with scroll buttons at
  the right.
- The bug with incorrect identification of link direction has been fixed.

April 02, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.2.0

+ New JavaScript client properties have been added to support cross-domain
  - AQB.Web.Host determines Active Query Builder handlers host address
  - AQB.Web.beforeSend allows adding custom headers to AQB handler HTTP
+ Corporate version: The new IQueryBuilderProvider.SaveState property has
  been added to change the store behaviour on saving the state. It must be
  set to false if a storage returns a reference to the in-memory object
  which can be directly modified during the request. It must be set to true
  if a storage must save the component's state after it's modification.
+ Corporate version: The new Cross-domain demo project has been added to
  illustrate working with Active Query Builder handlers on a different host.
  It allows for an easy build of AQB Docker container.
+ The new AngularJS ( demo project has been
- Several bugs have been fixed.

March 26, 2018

Active Query Builder 3 ASP.NET Edition v.3.1.2

+ Corporate version: The new Cross-domain demo project which illustrates
  hosting of HTTP and Active Query Builder handlers on different sites has
  been added.
+ The new setting lets determine the location of Active Query Builder
  handlers in case of placing them into a virtual directory using standalone
  IIS server. You can define it in the Application_Start method using the
  BaseHandler.VirtualDirectory property in case of server-side rendering
  mode and in via the AQB.Web.virtualDirectory JavaScript property in the
  case of client-side rendering.
+ The new CriteriaBuilder.AutoLoad property prescribes to request the list
  of columns during the component initialization.
+ The new CriteriaBuilder.AutoSubscribe property instructs to subscribe to
  changes of the QueryBuilder component with the same id during the
  component initialization. 
+ The new LogHandlerStateOnExceptions configuration option prescribes to
  write the serialized component state and request body to the log in case
  of unhandled exceptions arose during the processing of this request.
+ The new BeforeProcess and AfterProcess events have been added to 
  AqbHandler and CbHandler objects to log the activity of handlers.
+ The new BaseHandler.Register() static method lets pre-initialize Active
  Query Builder handlers which is useful in multi-server environments.
- IE9 markup fixes have been made.
- The bug on touch-enabled Windows 10 systems in Chrome and Firefox has 
  been fixed.
- The bug with not displaying the Custom Expression Editor button without
  custom jQueryUI theme has been fixed.
- The bug with too many brackets for columns that have spaces has been

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We have been using Active Query Builder for over a year and must say that both the product and support have been outstanding!

We chose Active Query Builder due to its flexibility and features, but have been truly pleased by its power and hidden capabilities. ...

In summary Active Query Builder provides excellent components, great support and a very flexible feature set. It has allowed us to provide features to our end users that I did not think would be possible in the first release of our new tools and in a timeframe that was much shorter than planned. I would recommend that anyone dealing with databases in the .Net world should be aware of this component and its capabilities!

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