Active Query Builder

Programming API

Programmatic SQL Query analysis and modification

  • Powerful means of SQL query parsing and analysis.

    Active Query Builder gives you full control over the SQL query - you can easily parse SQL queries, analyze and modify them programmatically via the internal query builder objects. The detailed information about used database objects and fields is available for the whole query as well as for every part of the query: a sub-query, a data source or an output expression. You can edit the existing queries or create new SQL queries using these objects in run-time.

  • Quick access to the common information about the query

    You don't need to go through all internal objects representing the query to see what database objects and fields were used in the query, sub-query, or in a single query object. This information is instantly available through the QueryStatistics property. You can quickly get lists of used database objects, their fields and output expressions of the query.

  • Full information about the parameters that were used in the query

    Active Query Builder supports various types of parameters: prefixed with semicolon (":param"), commercial at symbol ("@[My Param]") or represented by a single question mark ("?"). You can get a list of the parameters that were used in the query via the Parameters collection. Using it you can determine their names and data types, and discover to what database objects and fields they are related.

  • Easy SQL query modification upon user requests while browsing data in the grid

    Having received the result data, the user usually wants to transfigure it to find the information he/she needs. He wants to filter and sort data, but he doesn't want to get back to the query builder to make changes to the query. Sometimes it is needed to limit the number of records displayed at once. Active Query Builder Edition takes the last step on the way to bring data to the end-user by providing the special programming interface to perform such changes to the query. This interface allows to apply sorting, filtration and paging to result data by performing the necessary modifications to the original query programmatically.

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With users expecting better and better interfaces to deal with complex data retrieval, Active Query Builder has allowed me to provide a highly professional, robust environment to both novice users and skilled query writers.

Thanks to all the team involved. Please keep up the good work.


Join Types

Automatic Joins Creation
Active Query Builder automatically determines relationships between tables and creates appropriate joins for them.

Different Join Types
Active Query Builder allows to define different join types and various server-specific query options visually.

Unions and Sub-queries

Unions and Sub-Queries
Unions, sub queries and derived tables can be accessed and built visually in Active Query Builder as easy as the main query.

Grouping, Sorting and Criteria
Active Query Builder allows to define grouping, sorting, and constructing criteria in a simple and direct way.

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