Active Query Builder - Live Demo

This page contains Active Query Builder Java Applet and can be viewed with Java Runtime Environment 6 (1.6) and higher. If you're unable to see this demo, you can have a look at the ActiveX Live Demo (MS Internet Explorer only), read about Active Query Builder in detail on the product page or download the free trial version now.

Please note that Active Query Builder is a true two-way query builder, so you can combine visual query building with direct SQL query editing. Changes made to the SQL query text will be affected to the query builder immediately after leaving the text editing area.

Please wait a moment until Java virtual machine starts.

Click these buttons to load sample queries into the query builder:



With users expecting better and better interfaces to deal with complex data retrieval, Active Query Builder has allowed me to provide a highly professional, robust environment to both novice users and skilled query writers.

Thanks to all the team involved. Please keep up the good work.