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Query Transformer is intended to change SQL queries accodring to the end-user data browsing needs. This component automatically extracts columns of the query resultset and lets easily apply sorting, limits, filtration and add aggregates to the query. See Query Transformer Introduction and the QueryTransformer Class reference for details and code samples.
ClassFilterColumnCondition Defines filtration condition based on the output column.
ClassFilterCondition Defines filtration condition.
ClassFilterConditionJunction Defines a set of filtration conditions.
ClassFilterFactory A factory to create sets of filtration conditions.
ClassOutputColumn Describes an output column of initial query result set.
ClassOutputColumnList Lists output columns of initial query.
ClassQueryTransformer Changes the result SQL query in order to transfigure result data according to the end user's needs.
ClassSelectedColumn Defines an aggregated column.
ClassSelectedColumnList Defines list of aggregations.
ClassSortedColumn Defines a sorting item.
ClassSortedColumnList Defines list of sortings.
EnumerationFilterConditionJunctionType Defines possible types of junctions for conditions.
EnumerationQueryTransformerSelectMode Lists all possible selection modes.
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