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Public Properties
Public PropertyActiveSubQueryProvides access to the currently visible to end-user sub-query.  
Public PropertyAddObjectFormOptionsDetermines appearance of the Add Object Form.  
Public PropertyBehaviorOptionsAllows you to tune the way Active Query Builder parses and builds SQL queries.  
Public PropertyDatabaseSchemaTreeReturns an interface to the Database Schema Tree View control.  
Public PropertyDatabaseSchemaTreeOptionsContains various properties of the Database Schema Tree control.  
Public PropertyDataSourceOptionsContains various properties of the Design Pane.  
Public Propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)DefaultImageListGets the list of default icons.  
Public PropertyDesignPaneOptionsDetermines appearance of the objects within the Design Pane.  
Public PropertyExpressionEditorGets or sets a reference to the Expression Editor interface that allows to edit SQL expressions and criteria in a multi-line text editor with code auto-completion and syntax highlight.  
Public PropertyIsUpdatingIndicates that the component is in update mode now.  
Public PropertyLanguageGets or sets the language.  
Public PropertyLayoutSQLGets or sets the SQL query text among with layout, i.e. sizes and positions of objects within the Design Pane in XML format.  
Public PropertyMetadataContainerReturns a reference to the Metadata Container, an object to hold information about database schema, database objects and their attributes.  
Public PropertyMetadataLoadingOptionsDetermines rules of loading database schema information to the Metadata Container.  
Public PropertyMetadataProviderGets or sets a reference to the Metadata Provider object used to retrieve metadata from a database or from another source.  
Public PropertyMetadataStructureGets or sets the reference to the Metadata Structure object that represents the content of Metadata Container in a tree-like form.  
Public PropertyMetadataStructureOptionsContains various properties that affect on displaying of the Metadata Structure.  
Public PropertyOfflineModeAllows to switch the component between normal and "Offline" modes.  
Public Propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)OverrideDevExpressThemeColorsGets or sets a value indicating whether to override DevExpress controls theme colors.  
Public PropertyPanesConfigurationOptionsAllows you to configure layout of the main parts of the component: Design Pane, Query Columns List, Database Schema Tree and Query Structure Tree.  
Public PropertyParametersAllows to retrieve information about parameters that were used in the query.  
Public PropertyQueryProvides access to the main Query object.  
Public PropertyQueryColumnListOptionsContains various properties of the Query Column List control.  
Public PropertyQueryStatisticsAllows to retrieve various information about the query: list of used database objects and their fields, list of output query columns.  
Public PropertyQueryStructureTreeReturns an interface to the Query Structure Tree View control.  
Public PropertyQueryStructureTreeOptionsContains various properties of the Query Structure Tree.  
Public PropertyResultQueryASTGets the abstract sytnax tree of result SQL query.  
Public PropertyRightToLeftLayoutGets or sets a value indicating whether right-to-left mirror placement is turned on.  
Public PropertySleepModeIndicates that the component is in the "Sleep" Mode.  
Public PropertySQLUse this property to get or set SQL query text in response to user actions.  
Public PropertySQLChangingIndicates that the process of updating the query is running now.  
Public PropertySQLContextDetermines context of the query building, parsing and SQL generation processes.  
Public PropertySQLGenerationOptionsDetermines SQL query text generation rules for the QueryBuilder.SQL property.  
Public PropertySubQueriesLists all sub-queries in the query.  
Public PropertySyntaxProviderGets or sets a reference to the Syntax Provider object used to define SQL syntax rules of specific database servers.  
Public PropertyTabsReturns an interface to the Sub-Query Tab control.  
Public Propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)UseDevExpressControlsAllows to switch component's visual controls from standard .NET controls to DevExpress WinForms controls.  
Public PropertyVisualOptionsContains visual options that are not related to any pane.  
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