Active Query Builder 2 .NET Edition reference
BehaviorOptions Property

Allows you to tune the way Active Query Builder parses and builds SQL queries.
Public Property BehaviorOptions As BehaviorOptions
Dim instance As QueryBuilder
Dim value As BehaviorOptions
instance.BehaviorOptions = value
value = instance.BehaviorOptions
public BehaviorOptions BehaviorOptions {get; set;}
public: __property BehaviorOptions* get_BehaviorOptions();
public: __property void set_BehaviorOptions( 
   BehaviorOptions* value
The ParsingErrorOnUnknownObjects and AllowSleepMode properties determine the way Active Query Builder process SQL query parsing errors.
The CreateLinksFromForeignKeys and LinkManipulations properties define rules of working with links (joins) between query objects.
The AddLinkedObjects and DeleteUnusedObjects properties allow you to automate addition of necessary query objects and removing of needless ones.
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