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MetadataStructure Property

Gets or sets the reference to the Metadata Structure object that represents the content of Metadata Container in a tree-like form.
Public Property MetadataStructure As MetadataStructure
Dim instance As QueryBuilder
Dim value As MetadataStructure
instance.MetadataStructure = value
value = instance.MetadataStructure
public MetadataStructure MetadataStructure {get; set;}
public: __property MetadataStructure* get_MetadataStructure();
public: __property void set_MetadataStructure( 
   MetadataStructure* value

You can modify the metadata structure to group the database objects not by the physical database schema structure (database-schema-type, etc.), but define your own logical structure, i.e. group objects by their subject area or to move the most frequently used objects to the "Favorites" folder, etc.

You can perform fine tuning of the metadata structure representation via the MetadataStructureOptions property.

You can assign custom Metadata Structure objects to this property to switch between different metadata structure representations.

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