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GetAllItems(MetadataType) Method

Returns the list of Metadata Structure Items of the specified type in the underlying hierarchy.
Public Overloads Function GetAllItems( _
   ByVal type As MetadataType _
) As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of MetadataStructureItem)
Dim instance As MetadataStructureItem
Dim type As MetadataType
Dim value As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of MetadataStructureItem)
value = instance.GetAllItems(type)
public System.Collections.Generic.List<MetadataStructureItem> GetAllItems( 
   MetadataType type
public: System.Collections.Generic.List<MetadataStructureItem*>* GetAllItems( 
   MetadataType type


Execution of this method in online mode may take a long time as it will require complete loading of the underlying Metadata Structure tree among with retrieval of the corresponding Metadata Items from database.
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