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Public Properties
Public PropertyAddLinkedObjectsInstructs Query Builder to automatically add tables that required to link the newly added table to already existing tables in the query.  
Public PropertyAllowSleepModeAllows to suppress parsing errors on unsupported SQL statements (CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.).  
Public PropertyCreateColumnAliasesFromAltNamesInstructs the component to automatically create aliases for the fields with alternate names defined.  
Public PropertyCreateLinksByIdenticalFieldNamesInstructs the component to automatically create links (joins) in the query if objects with the same field names are added to the query.  
Public PropertyCreateLinksFromForeignKeysInstructs the component to automatically create links (joins) in the query based on foreign keys information fetched from a database.  
Public PropertyCreateWhereJoinsByDefaultInstructs the component to create joins in WHERE clause instead of using ANSI joins.  
Public PropertyDeleteUnusedObjectsInstructs Query Builder to automatically remove tables that has no fields used in expressions and are no longer required to link tables in the query.  
Public PropertyFilterTabsByActiveQueryPartAllows to hide the sub-query tabs that do not belong to the currently visible query part.  
Public PropertyLinkManipulationsDetermines permissible end-user manipulations with links during the query building process.  
Public PropertyLoadJoinsFromWhereClauseInstructs the component to analyze WHERE clause of a query to find joins between objects and display them as links at the Design Pane.  
Public PropertyParsingErrorOnUnknownObjectsInstructs the component to raise an error on parsing SQL queries with database objects not listed in the Metadata Container.  
Public PropertyUseAltNamesInstructs to display alternate names instead of real database object and field names in the Query Builder.  
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