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DeleteUnusedObjects Property

Instructs Query Builder to automatically remove tables that has no fields used in expressions and are no longer required to link tables in the query.
Public Property DeleteUnusedObjects As System.Boolean
Dim instance As BehaviorOptions
Dim value As System.Boolean
instance.DeleteUnusedObjects = value
value = instance.DeleteUnusedObjects
public System.bool DeleteUnusedObjects {get; set;}
public: __property System.bool get_DeleteUnusedObjects();
public: __property void set_DeleteUnusedObjects( 
   System.bool value

For example, havnig three tables in the database linked with each other (Orders -> [Order Details] <- Products), the [Order Details] table with no fields selected will be removed automatically after the user removes the Orders or the Products table from the query.

Setting this property to true is necessary to work when Design Pane is hidden.

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