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QueryTransformer Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAggregationsGets the list of aggregation columns.  
Public PropertyColumnsReturns the list of output columns of initial query.  
Public PropertyFiltersGets the list of filtration conditions.  
Public PropertyIsResultQueryWrappedIndicates if the query will be wrapped in a sub-query after transformation.  
Public PropertyIsSupportLimitCountIndicates if it's possible to limit the number of records by means of the current database server SQL syntax.  
Public PropertyIsSupportLimitOffsetIndicates if it's possible to skip first records by means of the current database server SQL syntax.  
Public PropertyIsUpdatingIndicates that the component is in update mode now.  
Public PropertyQueryBuilderGets or sets the reference to the QueryBuilder component that contains the initial query.  
Public PropertyResultCountGets or sets the number of records to return.  
Public PropertyResultOffsetGets or sets the number of first records to be skipped.  
Public PropertySelectModeGets or sets the selection mode of result SQL query (DISTINCT, ALL or default).  
Public PropertySortingsGets the list of sortings.  
Public PropertySqlGets the modidied SQL query text.  
Public PropertySqlBuilderGets or sets the reference to the SQLBuilder component that is used to generate the modified query.  
Public PropertyXMLGets or sets the content of Query Transformer as string in a form of XML document.  
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