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QueryTransformer Class Methods

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Public Methods
Public MethodBeginUpdatePrevents the component from SQL generation until the EndUpdate method is called.  
Public MethodEndUpdateResumes SQL generation after it was suspended by the BeginUpdate method.  
Public MethodExportToXMLOverloaded. Saves the content of Query Transformer to XML file.  
Public MethodImportFromXMLOverloaded. Loads the content of Query Transformer from file in a form of XML document.  
Public MethodOrderByOverloaded. Adds sorting to the query.  
Public MethodSelectOverloaded. Adds aggregate defined by the SelectedColumn object.  
Public MethodSelectRecordsCountOverloaded. Adds the "COUNT(*)" aggregate to the query.  
Public MethodSkipSets the number of first records to be skipped.  
Public MethodTakeSets the number of records to return.  
Public MethodWhereOverloaded. Adds filtration condition to the query.  
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