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UseCustomExpressionBuilder Property

Allows to use custom expression builder for Expression and/or condition columns of the control.
Public Property UseCustomExpressionBuilder As AffectedColumns
Dim instance As QueryColumnListOptions
Dim value As AffectedColumns
instance.UseCustomExpressionBuilder = value
value = instance.UseCustomExpressionBuilder
public AffectedColumns UseCustomExpressionBuilder {get; set;}
public: __property AffectedColumns get_UseCustomExpressionBuilder();
public: __property void set_UseCustomExpressionBuilder( 
   AffectedColumns value

When this option is enabled for a column, the ellipsis button appears at this column while editing it's content. By clicking this button, the component fires the QueryBuilder.CustomExpressionBuilder event. The handler for this event should provide the way to edit this column's content and return the result.

Note: Active Query Builder Professional .NET Subscription includes the Expression Editor facility with code completion and syntax highlight to be used for the same purpose.

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