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The following tables list the members exposed by QueryColumnListOptions.

Public Fields
Public FieldInternalAggregateColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalAliasColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalConditionColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalConditionTypeColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalExpressionColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalGroupingColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalGroupingTypeColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalOutputColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalSortOrderColumnWidth  
Public FieldInternalSortTypeColumnWidth  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAggregateColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Aggregate column.  
Public PropertyAliasColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Alias column.  
Public PropertyAlternateRowColorGets or sets the background color for even rows of the Query Column List control.  
Public PropertyAutoSizeColumnsInstructs the control to determine width of columns automatically to fit cell contents.  
Public PropertyBackColorGets or sets the background color (row color) for the Query Column List control.  
Public PropertyConditionColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Criteria and Or columns.  
Public PropertyConditionTypeColumnWidthSpecifies width of the "Criteria for" column.  
Public PropertyDisableDirectEditingInLets you to disable direct editing of the Expression and/or condition columns of the control.  
Public PropertyEmptySpaceColorGets or sets the empty space color of the Query Column List control.  
Public PropertyExpressionColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Expression column.  
Public PropertyFontGets or sets the font of the text displayed by the Query Column List control.  
Public PropertyGroupingColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Grouping check box column.  
Public PropertyGroupingTypeColumnWidthSpecifies width of the "Group By" column.  
Public PropertyInitialOrColumnsCountSpecifies the number of "Or" columns initially displayed in the grid.  
Public PropertyNullOrderingInOrderByAllows to display "NULLS FIRST"/"NULLS LAST" options in the Sort Type column.  
Public PropertyOutputColumnWidthSpecifies width of the Output check box column.  
Public PropertyRowHeadersWidthSpecifies width of the row header column (the most-left column for dragging rows).  
Public PropertySortOrderColumnWidthSpecifies width of the "Sort Order" column.  
Public PropertySortTypeColumnWidthSpecifies width of the "Sort Type" column.  
Public PropertyTextColorGets or sets the color of the text displayed by the control.  
Public PropertyUseCustomExpressionBuilderAllows to use custom expression builder for Expression and/or condition columns of the control.  
Public PropertyUseMSStyleGroupingAllows to change the way the end-user defines grouping for the query.  
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