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PanesConfigurationOptions Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyDesignPaneOverviewVisibleDetermines visibility of the Design Pane Overview.  
Public PropertyDesignPaneOverviewWidthGets or sets the width of the Design Pane Overview window.  
Public PropertyDesignPaneVisibleDetermines visibility of the Design Pane.  
Public PropertyLeftTreePaneVisibleDetermines visibility of the left tree pane.  
Public PropertyLeftTreePaneWidthDetermines width of the left tree pane.  
Public PropertyQueryColumnsPaneHeightDetermines height of the Query Columns Pane.  
Public PropertyQueryColumnsPaneVisibleDetermines visibility of the Query Columns Pane (grid with expressions and criteria below the Design Pane).  
Public PropertyRightTreePaneVisibleDetermines visibility of the right tree pane.  
Public PropertyRightTreePaneWidthDetermines width of the right tree pane.  
Public PropertySubQueryTabsVisibleDetermines visibility of sub-query tabs above the Design Pane.  
Public PropertySwapTreesAllows to swap Query Structure Tree and Database Schema Tree with each other.  
Public PropertyUnionNavBarVisibleDetermines visibility of the Union Sub-query Navigation Bar (in the top right corner of Design Pane).  
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