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MetadataStructureItem Class Properties

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Public Properties
Public PropertyAllowChildAutoItemsAllows to create child structure items automatically according to the physical database schema or not.  
Public PropertyCaptionGets or sets the caption text that will represent this item in the database structure tree.  
Public PropertyImageIndexGets or sets the index of image that will be assigned  
Public PropertyIsBoundIndicates if metadata item is bound to this structure item.  
Public PropertyIsChildItemsLoadedIndicates if child structure items are loaded (created and bound).  
Public PropertyIsDynamicIndicates if item was created dynamically or it's a static item that was defined beforehand.  
Public PropertyItemsGets list of child metadata structure items.  
Public PropertyMetadataFilterDefines a set of metadata filtration rules to select metadata items for adding them as child structure items.  
Public PropertyMetadataItemGets or sets the reference to the Metadata Item object.  
Public PropertyMetadataNameDefines the name of a corresponding metadata object to map metadata item to this structure item.  
Public PropertyParentGets reference to the parent metadata structure item.  
Public PropertyParentMetadataItemGets reference to the metadata item assigned to the parent metadata structure item.  
Public PropertyStructureGets reference to the Metadata Structure object, i.e. the root node of the structure.  
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